Facebook publishes multiplayer Pac-Man
Facebook publishes multiplayer Pac-Man

Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) revealed the beginnings of the Pac-Man community on Facebook Gaming, one of the first games that people can watch and play.

Viewers and creators can live stream Pac-Man games, and viewers can choose to help and control the movement of ghosts in the game as they track down the Pac-Man characters.

Genvid Technologies used its cloud-based technology platform to develop this game in collaboration with Bandai Namco.

In addition, a feature called Play With Streamer allows viewers to use media streaming devices to participate in the game as part of the show.

Zuckerberg posted a new game to his Facebook page based on Bandai Namco's 40-year history in the Pac-Man franchise.

Wrote: Pac-Man is coming to Facebook to play games. You can play this classic game with your friends, watch the creators game, and build your own maze. Games are a huge part of the Metaverse and I can't wait for these games to get more interactive and immersive.

Zuckerberg also posted a video of him playing with several other company executives. The game connects players, creators, and fans in new ways.

Facebook also occupies a place in the social aspect of gaming. Steps have been taken to host games with cloud gaming experiences on mobile and desktop devices. It also provides a platform for content creators to broadcast their gameplay and monetize fans.

The Pac-Man community launches the game on Facebook

Facebook provides a place where people can share games and their common interests in games. It has more than 900 million people who play, watch or connect with games.

Solo or co-op games work in real time with up to four players in groups together to complete each maze as they compete for the highest score.

In addition to the Pac-Man community mazes, players can also create their own levels and challenges through the Maze Creator tool.

Pac-Man is a free online Facebook game. When you click on the link on your iPhone, Android, or desktop computer, it will start playing right away. She recorded a new soundtrack with the group in Japan. It also has localized versions in multiple languages.

During the game, the team can see or hide the opponent's face to play a game in full screen mode. You can also play the classic Pac-Man game.

The Pac-Man community also has a so-called Facebook interaction function and Watch Mode, which has been released in beta.

In visualization mode, the 2D maze is converted into a 3D isometric display and the audience can play Pac-Man or Ghosts. User-created maps can also be viewed in viewing mode.

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