Google introduces a Snapchat shortcut for the Pixel phone's lock screen
Google introduces a Snapchat shortcut for the Pixel phone's lock screen

Quick Tap to Snap is a feature announced in October for Google Pixel devices that lets you unlock Snapchat directly from the lock screen by double tapping on the back of your phone.

This feature applies to Pixel 4A 5G and later devices. Google has announced that it will also roll out a new filter on Snapchat this month called Pixel Face, available only for Pixel devices.

As part of this month's Pixel hardware feature update, Quick Tap to Snap is one of the few.

Additional functionality includes new broadband functionality over the Pixel 6 Pro, new add-ons in the Subwoofer app, expanded vehicle accident detection in other countries and the expansion of automatic transcription into other languages.

The Pixel 6 Pro has integrated an ultrawide chip since its inception. But it did not spread.

However, in the latest update, Google said that the chip will be used to improve sharing of nearby devices when sending files to other devices using the chip, including compatible Samsung phones.

Ultra-wideband chips recently found in Samsung and Apple mobile phones have used this technology to identify their respective location trackers. However, similar features have not yet appeared on the latest Google phones.

The company described the subwoofer's dialogue mode as an additional start-up function. When trying to hear someone else's voice, the background noise has been eliminated.

Google has introduced a number of features for Pixel devices

Some of the previously entered functions have also been expanded. Voice Recorder lets you transcribe your voice automatically and now supports additional languages ​​like Japanese, French, and German with Pixel 3 and later. Previously, these languages ​​were only available for Pixel 6 devices.

The automatic troubleshooting feature, originally introduced with the Pixel 4 in 2019, is expanding to other countries/regions.

This role comes from Taiwan, Italy and France. It was previously available in Spain, Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and the United States.

There are two types of settings for Pixel devices and accessories. If you're using a Pixel smartphone with Pixel Buds A-Series speakers, you can now better control the bass. Pixel 3 and later can now customize how long you need to hold down the power button before activating the Google Assistant.

The company said that these features will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The exact availability of functions varies by pixel model.

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