Google launches Qaya service for digital content producers
Google launches Qaya service for digital content producers

A team at Google has launched a new service called Qaya that makes it easier for content creators to create new online stores where they can sell their products and services directly to the public.

This project is the latest project in the in-house project incubator at Google Area 120. The project was recently part of a major corporate reorganization. After pulling several previous projects from various Google divisions (including cloud and search), the project increased its visibility, repositories, and commercial services.

The new Qaya company was founded by Nathaniel Havery, who previously worked in the Kormo job market, with the goal of reaching the next billion internet users primarily in markets such as India, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

After hearing dozens of opinions from creators about the difficulty and time taken to start their own digital business, he came up with the idea for Qaya, a service that allows them to sell directly to the public.

There is a need for a flexible, code-free product that can serve as a central hub where content creators can make money from their work and better connect with audiences.

Qaya's solution allows content creators to create personalized online stores displaying their products, services, and other digital downloads, which can then be linked to YouTube's product shelf and combined with Google searches and purchases.

These stores allow creators to combine photos, files, or e-books, digital art, photo filters, settings, productivity models, sewing patterns, fitness videos, and more.

The company said each storefront can hold up to 1,000 products. Also, when the initiator sells physical goods or services through other platforms. The import function enables him to display these items on his Qaya page associated with his personal brand.

Each store is also given a custom URL that can be used in place of the link it places on the social media site.

Google wants to enable creators to sell more products

These services enable content creators to create small websites to showcase their diversity online. Including social media channels, stores, blogs, music, podcasts, etc.

Qaya also allows content creators to post links to their other online accounts. However, the site's larger purpose is to connect fans directly to the content offered for sale by the creator.

Google Pay is integrated into Qaya and supports different types of monetization. Including memberships, gratuities and one-time payments. Qaya also provides information and analysis of the sales performance of content creators' products.

The product is currently free and monetization is made on a per transaction basis. In other words, content creators get most of their income from the products they download and sell through Qaya.

Google indicated that this new service is in beta testing in the US. However, users outside the US can join the waiting list while waiting for Qaya to roll out in their country.

Creators wishing to access the trial version can request an invite on the Qaya website.

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