Google threatens to lay off unvaccinated employees
Google threatens to lay off unvaccinated employees

Google has told its employees that if they fail to adhere to the company's coronavirus vaccination policy, they will forfeit their salaries and be fired.

A notice distributed by the department states that employees must report their vaccinations, upload receipts, or apply for medical or religious waivers by December 3.

After that date, the company announced that it will contact employees who have not submitted a case or have not been vaccinated, as well as employees whose requests for exceptions have not been approved.

The document states that workers who do not comply with vaccination regulations by January 18 will receive 30 days of paid administrative leave. Then the company asked them to take up to six months of unpaid leave, and then stopped the service.

As the tech sector continues to put off recovery plans and companies large and small prepare for a resilient future, Google is asking its employees to come to the office three days a week sometime in the new year.

The company has shown little patience with those who refuse to vaccinate, which has been the norm for several months.

The Biden government has ordered US companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that all of their employees are regularly vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus by January 18.

The federal court issued a stop-work order in early November, blocking the government's efforts.

However, the company has asked its more than 150,000 employees to upload the vaccination status to its internal system, whether they come to the office or not. The company announced that it would follow Biden's orders.

Google's memo states: "We expect nearly all positions in the United States to be within the scope of the Executive Order. Meet. Repeated testing is not a viable alternative to vaccination.

Google has been aggressively supporting vaccines since the middle of the year

CEO Sundar Pichai announced in July that the company is requiring people returning to the office to be vaccinated.

At the time, he was supposed to return to the office in January. But in early December, the company announced to American employees that it would not require them to return to the office.

However, management encourages employees to continue to contact their colleagues in person when conditions permit and to begin to regain a sense of being in the office on a more regular basis.

And approval of the vaccine was not widely accepted by the staff. Hundreds of company employees signed and distributed a statement against the company's claims.

Management said this role applies to all employees, including those who work from home. But they were directly or indirectly involved in the Federal Treaty.

In the latest guide, the company outlined some options for those who don't want to be vaccinated.

The company said employees can determine whether Google has positions that do not conflict with the executive order.

Religious beliefs or medical conditions may require exceptions as well, depending on the specific circumstances.

For employees whose activities do not fall within the scope of the official order, this can also be carried out outside the office. The company said it will be able to work remotely permanently in the future.

The memo states that workers who take unpaid leave can keep their benefits for the first 92 days. If they do not follow the rules after six months, the business relationship with Google will be terminated.

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