Illuminated fan cools iPhone via MagSafe connection
Illuminated fan cools iPhone via MagSafe connection

Razer is known for providing professional lighting accessories to gamers. When deciding to design iPhone accessories, it also followed the same principle of providing professional lighting accessories for the device, but this time it released the iPhone fan connected to MagSafe. Up to different RGB colors.

Razer offers two different fan versions. The first uses a MagSafe connection to fix your phone, while the second uses a regular mount.

The company calls this fan the Razer Phone Cooler Chroma, and like most gaming accessories, it has RGB lighting.

iPhone Razer Cooling Fan Design

The company's website details how the fan works and is designed, and like all Razer accessories, it works very efficiently.

The fan uses a metallic cooling plate that connects directly to the phone in the nearest location to the fan. Behind this cover there is a heat sink, then a seven-blade fan to dissipate and dissipate heat.

The fan is lit from the casing, which has 12 different RGB LED lighting points that light up in different colors that you can customize.

The fan supports more than 16 million light colors at the same time and can use different special effects and distributions.

Razer said this fan is designed for mobile gamers because the phone gets hot with prolonged use.

The respirator does not have a built-in rechargeable battery, which means you have to plug it into a power source for continuous operation.

This means that you need to plug it into an electrical outlet (such as a power bank or electrical outlet) for it to work. The fan also cannot be powered from the phone's power connector because it does not provide the phone with sufficient power.

For many users who like to play with mobile phones, it is too boring, and the cell phone is very light and easy to carry.

This requires that you carry a special portable power adapter with you to provide power to the respirator at all times and during use.

You can buy this fan directly from the company's website for $60.

The version without MagSafe technology is also suitable for Android phones or any older iPhone without this technology.

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