LG introduces a new flexible OLED concept
LG introduces a new flexible OLED concept

LG has announced plans to demonstrate the flexibility of OLED technology that will bring a new and different lifestyle at CES 2022.

The company introduces two new concepts, the virtual bike and the multimedia chairs. With the introduction of these two innovative products with flexible OLED displays, the company wishes to highlight the high potential and wide variety of OLEDs in order to open up new markets.

Virtual Ride is a futuristic indoor exercise bike with three 55-inch vertical OLED screens at the front and rear.

The advanced screens are combined into a large, curved, R-shaped screen that provides the user with a frontal and upside view.

The curvature radius of the curved screen that makes up the roof of a racing car is 500R or 500mm, which is the largest radius among existing large screens and shows its excellent flexibility.

Plus, its futuristic design takes home training to a whole new level and dramatically improves the ambiance and ambiance of every room in your home.

The OLED display delivers vivid colors and picture quality, making you feel like you're riding a bike outside in the woods or on the streets of a European village.

The company also introduced another new concept at CES 2022, the media chair. This is a modern entertainment device that perfectly combines a 55-inch OLED TV screen and an ergonomic chair.

LG launches flexible products for OLED media chairs

The screen's curvature radius is 1500R which is the best angle for users, and the company's built-in OLED cinematic sound technology allows the screen to vibrate and produce sound without using elevation.

The swivel function of the chair display can be rotated between portrait and landscape directions by pressing a button on the armrest display.

This gives users the ability to customize their immersive viewing experience using OLED technology to suit the content they want to see.

OLED displays contain tens of millions of pixels that are self-lighting and do not require a separate backlight. This enables great image quality and also has different shapes like folding, folding and rotating.

Due to design features, OLED displays are now being integrated into various areas outside the home, including furniture, construction, shopping, and indoor industry.

LG will also showcase several advanced products at CES 2022, such as new OLED displays. In addition to the integration of OLED solutions in various fields and advanced LCD screens specially developed for the IT industry.

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