LG takes listening experience to a new level
LG takes listening experience to a new level

LG has announced a new LG Soundbar (model S95QR) that supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Featuring an output power of 810W and immersive 9.1.5 channel surround sound, the LG S95QR is an advanced all-in-one audio solution.

Five progressive channels reflect sound from the speakers to your ears, including the world's first progressive center woofer - three through the woofer and two through separate rear speakers - to improve clarity and extend sound for absolute realism.

The LG S95QR center speaker is the perfect choice for moviegoers looking to enhance their home theater experience.

The LG S95QR provides clearer dialogue and makes Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content more immersive. With IMAX Enhanced, users can enjoy 3D sound while viewing compatible content.

The LG S95QR introduces several major improvements, most notably the improved performance of the new speaker driver, speaker holes, and subwoofer.

A larger subwoofer delivers superior sound quality and deep bass, simulating an immersive cinema sound system.

The rear speakers evenly distribute sound over a wide 135-degree area, giving customers better speaker placement and greater angle flexibility, which is especially useful in small spaces.

The LG S95QR has a more sensitive receiver that can increase the distance between the LG S95QR and the connected speaker and rear speakers without sacrificing sound quality.

With a more stable wireless connection, the LG S95QR eliminates delays in audio output, allowing for interference-free viewing and listening. By incorporating Meridian Audio's Horizon technology into the music mode, the LG S95QR can mix two channels of audio into 7.1 channels for more realistic surround sound.

LG believes that speakers should speak to you

The LG S95QR features a variable refresh rate and automatic low latency mode, making it a must-have for gamers who want to move across the screen and synchronize the audio perfectly.

The LG S95QR supports high-quality music streaming services that make listening to personal playlists and favorite artists even more enjoyable.

In addition, the LG S95QR provides an intuitive user experience when used with Google Assistant, Amazon Assistant, and other AI assistants.

With smart devices, homeowners can easily control the music stream, adjust the volume, change the sound mode, and use only their voice to control the music stream.

With LG WOWCAST Wireless Audio Dongle, listeners can enjoy multiple lossless audio channels without having to connect cables to the TV.

When connected to a compatible LG TV. The LG S95QR uses the TV's advanced AI Sound Pro feature to make any audio content clearer and more realistic.

Compatibility allows LG TV owners to use a single remote control to control their TV and LG S95QR.

With improved AI room calibration, the LG S95QR can adapt the audio output to any given room. It can also analyze room dimensions to provide more accurate low-frequency sounds that are calibrated for maximum accuracy.

The company has not yet announced the price or launch date of the new LG S95QR phone. However, it will be one of the company's first products to be presented in the virtual booth at the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The company will introduce a range of new audio products at CES 2022. Including various models that offer great performance, a unique and elegant design and a new audio experience. This ensures accurate and immersive sound for home theater, music and gaming.

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