Luna Display turns your Mac into an additional Windows display
Luna Display turns your Mac into an additional Windows display

The latest update to Luna Display Terminal adds a new feature that lets you connect a Windows PC to a macOS laptop or desktop computer (including Apple's iMac M1) for use as a secondary monitor.

Peripheral maker AstroPad has released a new update that makes using your Mac and iPad as a second display more fluid than ever.

The new update also allows 4K and 5K resolution options (assuming you have a monitor that supports them). The terminal now supports Magic Keyboard and Trackpad for iPad. It also brings teleprompter mode and desktop mode to Windows devices.

Although the Luna Display Terminal provides the ability to connect between a Mac and another Mac, users have not yet been able to use the company's software dongle settings to connect a Windows PC to an iPad.

As with the Mac-to-Mac option, the new connection can be connected wirelessly from a Windows PC to a macOS and via Ethernet.

In addition, the Luna Display update adds support for 5K and 4K full-resolution displays, but there are still some limitations.

Windows PCs can only run 5K resolution with a 30Hz refresh rate. macOS devices can run 5K resolution at a 45Hz refresh rate. Resolutions higher than 4K require macOS Big Sur or higher.

Luna display technology appeared two years before the idea of ​​SideCar

On the other hand, 4K resolution works on both systems with a refresh rate of 60Hz, but it also supports computers with the new Windows operating system. The updated Luna display makes it an ideal solution for using the iMac M1 as a secondary display.

The new Terminal update follows and additional support for establishing a connection between Windows PC and iPad earlier this year.

The Luna Display itself costs $129. This applies to your Windows computer version or your macOS computer version. Offers USB-C, HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort dongle options depending on the platform selected.

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