Messenger gets a new split payments feature
Messenger gets a new split payments feature

Facebook Messenger has announced that it has started testing a new split payment feature that will allow users to split bills and expenses through the app.

The company said the new feature is a free and quick way to manage finances through Messenger. The new feature will be rolling out to users in the US next week.

To use the installment feature, users have to click the Get Started button in the group chat or Messenger Pay Center.

From there, you can evenly split the bill or adjust how much everyone contributes to the group chat, regardless of whether it's listed or not.

You can also enter a custom message. You will need to confirm your Facebook Pay details, then your request will be sent and displayed in your group chat thread.

If you're having a hard time sharing home expenses or even your monthly rent, the company said in a blog post about the new features, it gets easier.

The feature was announced shortly after the company's president of cryptocurrency and ex-mail correspondent David Marcus announced that he was leaving the company.

Discover restaurant bills directly in Messenger

A few months ago, Messenger added a Venmo-like QR code to in-person payments, thus introducing co-pay.

These codes were introduced in the US and allow anyone to send money or request payments through Facebook Pay, even if they are not Facebook friends. This functionality can be accessed in the Facebook Pay area of ​​Messenger settings.

Facebook Pay was first launched in November 2019 to build a payment platform for business applications. These are personal payments and other things like donations and e-commerce.

Facebook has added split payment and some other updates to Messenger. Including four new AR group effects developed with creators Emma Chamberlain, Zack King, Bella Burke and King Bach.

The company pointed out that it recently launched the new Stranger Things product, Soudmoji, ahead of the launch of the new season next summer. The platform also recently released a new version of Taylor Swift Soudmoji to celebrate the release of her new album Red.

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