MGM lets you experience working in virtual reality
MGM lets you experience working in virtual reality

According to reports from "Business Insider", the company MGM International Hotel Group allows candidates to test themselves in virtual reality before signing a work contract in the hotel industry in order to reduce employee turnover.

It's part of a new effort to reduce employee turnover amid the wave of layoffs that has led to labor shortages in the United States and elsewhere during the coronavirus pandemic.

The resort group uses headphones from a virtual reality company called Strivr, which specializes in virtual industry health and safety training, customer service, and more.

The idea is to let employees do typical work activities so they know what's going to happen. Oral explanation of these situations can be very difficult, said Laura Lee, director of human resources at MGM Resorts International.

In contrast, the use of virtual reality enables job seekers to wear headphones and experience work virtually.

MGM Resorts International plans to start using this headset in its offices from January.

The idea is to enable potential customer service employees to experience the most important aspects of the job, both positive and negative.

For example, MGM Resorts International's VR module includes interaction with challenging guests.

Some hotel workers have complained that guests are becoming more rude during the pandemic. To prepare potential attendees for scenarios like this, she tells me that the company's VR console involves challenging interactions with guests.

Adverse reactions can put some applicants off. But MGM Resorts International is hoping to make better hiring decisions, too.

"Using technology has solved some of the changes we've seen," she tells me. At the time, people took on these jobs and realized that they weren't what they thought.

MGM Resorts International plans to deploy this technology in its $9.1 billion hotels and resorts in Osaka, Japan.

Work with virtual reality experience

Potential employees may not be familiar with typical jobs. Therefore, candidates may be offered the option of virtual reality to use customer-facing functions such as B- to apply.

Virtual reality may not be what everyone in the consumer world expects. But he seems to like institutions, especially educational ones.

MGM Resorts International also uses Strivr technology to provide training on customer interaction with new employees.

This enables employees to make learning errors without consequences. “Virtual reality technology gives employees the ability to think and correct themselves without feeling stressed or anxious about what they have done wrong,” Lee said during the webinar.

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