New Nintendo Switch accessorie increase the screen size of the portable console
New Nintendo Switch accessorie increase the screen size of the portable console

The Nintendo Switch platform launched a new model a few months ago, this one with an OLED screen.

This update disappoints platform fans as they expect a major upgrade in platform specifications or an increase in screen size.

If you're frustrated, you can increase the screen size of your mobile platform with the new Orion accessories.

These accessories increase the size of the platform's screen from 7 inches to 11.6 inches without losing the characteristics of the original screen.

Specifications of the new Orion accessory for Nintendo Switch

The new expansion is centered around increasing the screen size of the platform without losing many of its features, the most important of which is ease of navigation. Although the accessories are large, you need to hold them with both hands.

You can easily use the accessory without an external connection because it has a special compartment where you can put your Nintendo Switch and the device is connected to the accessory via the USB-C cable in the room.

If you have a USB-C cable in the room, you cannot use it with Switch Lite devices because it is not included.

Instead of OLED, the new accessory comes with an IPS LCD screen, but the company promises to introduce an OLED screen in future models.

And the resolution of this screen is 1080p, not 720p from the original Nintendo Switch screen.

You can also use the accessories with an external power supply unit or the extra battery included, so you don't lose most of the platform's performance.

And you can use the new accessories very easily, all you have to do is remove the Joy Con tip from the switch, place the device in its chamber, and then plug the device into the appropriate slots on either side of the Orion.

Orion is not only suitable for Nintendo Switch game consoles, this accessory has HDMI connections for all devices.

This means you can use it with any home console or laptop, ideal for long distance travel.

For users who book through the Indiegogo project support page, the price for the plugin is $250 and the price is around $300 after that.

The price of these accessories is close to that of the Nintendo Switch, but the device is still worth it.

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