OPPO launches the OPPO Find N foldable phone
OPPO launches the OPPO Find N foldable phone

Oppo announced the first foldable smartphone Oppo Find N in an article by OnePlus Product Manager and CEO Pete Lau. The device will hit the market next week on December 15, which is the second day of the company's annual Inno Day event.

Although the post did not reveal many details about the device. But the trailer posted on Twitter shows that it's just like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

The device combines a large foldable internal screen with a smaller external screen and can be used like a traditional smartphone.

Unlike the tall, slim external display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, this compact external display is similar to the aspect ratio of a traditional smartphone.

In a blog post, Liu admitted that other companies have beaten Oppo in the marketing of foldable smartphones. However, he says, the convenience, durability, and ease of use of these competing devices aren't suitable for most people.

It's better for us to bring products to market later when we're ready to deliver a great user experience than to quickly follow trends, Liu wrote.

The Oppo Find N is said to be the result of four years of research and development and six generations of prototypes. Liu pointed out that the first generation of the Oppo Find N came from April 2018.

In February 2019, the company introduced one of its foldable prototypes. Although this version has a large screen surrounding the outside of the device, it is different from the foldable internal screen of the Oppo Find N.

The Oppo foldable phone will be available on December 15th

Our goal is to create a device that is beautifully designed, pleasant to touch, functional and easy to use, Liu said.

Liu books for foldable smartphones. The closed screen and the open screen should be just as easy to use. Most importantly, we are creating a revolutionary and efficient experience that traditional smartphones cannot do.

OPPO plans to launch the Oppo Find N on the second day of its annual Inno Day event, which usually showcases technology products and concepts.

The company has used these events in recent years to develop concept technology. For example, the foldable Oppo X phone, and there are also augmented reality glasses that have not yet been released in the market.

In addition to the Oppo Find N, the company has also presented a device with a retractable rear view camera. With more augmented reality glasses.

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