AcuRite 01210M Wi-Fi Lightning Detection Weather Station
AcuRite 01210M Wi-Fi Lightning Detection Weather Station

AcuRite 01210 Wi-Fi Weather Station (01210M) Indoor and Outdoor Flash Detector, Black

The AcuRite Wi-Fi weather station extracts weather data directly from sensors in your garden and provides accurate and up-to-date information on indoor high-resolution displays. The HD screen provides clear viewing angles and viewing angles that are unaffected by any time of the day. It features adjustable backlighting and a variety of high and low recording and tracking options. View your data remotely in Underground or Weather Underground apps. The on-screen weather forecast is powered by Dark Sky, the most accurate source for monitoring local weather information (internet connection required). Outdoor weather sensors measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation. Its rain gauge is self-ventilating and requires no maintenance for a year. The integrated lightning detector tracks thunderstorm activity and provides the total number of consecutive lightning strikes as well as the estimated distance to the last lightning strike.

  •     WiFi Home Weather Station with Radio Sensor and Lightning Detector
  •     Underground weather compatible
  •     High definition (HD) digital display, visible from all angles
  •     Prediction powered by Dark Sky
  •     Self-discharge rain gauge, professionally add humidity, wind speed and wind direction

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