AJY 400FT 6 Probe Wireless Meat Thermometers for Cooking
AJY 400FT 6 Probe Wireless Meat Thermometers for Cooking

AJY 400FT & 6 Probe Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer for Cooking and Guilling 【2021 Newest】, Smart Remote Digital Thermometer for Smoking, Instant Meat Thermometers for Oven Safe Cooking

smart alarm

Once the food temperature reaches the grill thermometer's pre-set high, lowest or temperature range, the receiver will beep, and the phone will also ring/vibrate.

Enhanced stainless steel sensors

Reads quickly and accurately from those silicone sensors.

Convenient winder sensors

Made of high quality material, convenient to collect the probes, easy to carry your meat thermometer for travel.

    AJY BBQ Grill Thermometer:

  •     A good thermometer helps you take all the guesswork out and cook to perfection every time. AJY thermometer is equipped with 6 sensors, you can monitor 6 different foods or read the ambient temperature of the grill/oven/smoker simultaneously. With a reception range of up to 400 feet that will keep you up to date with the temperature of your meal, feel free to socialize, do housework or watch TV without having to physically check your food!
  •     Specifications of digital BBQ thermometer:
  •     6 different sensors with which you can monitor 6 types of meat or 6 larger meat places;
  •     Temperature range: 33°F to 572°F (1°C to 300°C)
  •     Temperature accuracy range: ± 1% (1 ~ 200 ℃) / ± 2% (1 ~ 300 ℃)
  •     Probe length: 5.5" food grade stainless steel probe
  •     Cable length: 47" stainless steel mesh cable
  •     The high temperature wire is rated to 716℉
  •     The stand also acts as a hanger
  •     Powered by: 2 * AA batteries
AJY 400FT 6 Probe Wireless Meat Thermometers for Cooking
AJY 400FT 6 Probe Wireless Meat Thermometers for Cooking

  •  👏 【6 Probes, Accurate Reading and Professional Chef's Choice - The AJY Bluetooth meat thermometer adopts the most advanced stainless steel food probe, which can narrow the temperature accuracy range to ±1%(1~200°C)/±2%(1~ 300 ℃), allowing you to more accurately understand the temperature of the food. Equipped with 6 color sensors, you can monitor 6 different foods or read the temperature around the grill/oven/smoker at the same time, and the rolls make storage more tidy when you put your sensors away.
  • 👏 【Extended 400ft Bluetooth Connectivity Range】 - The AJY Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer uses the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide the most powerful and reliable connection within 400ft. You can watch games or communicate with your family, pets or guests while the BBQ remote meat thermometer monitors the meat. After the pilot test, the signal of our wireless barbecue thermometer is strong and stable, and it is 2 times stronger than the normal connection.
  • 👏 【Smart APP Control & Smart Alarm】 - AJY digital cooking thermometer has preset temperatures for 11 types of meat and their various USDA-recommended levels of maturity. All preset temperatures can be customized according to your personal taste/want. When the time or temperatures are up, the thermometer will beep and flash, and in the meantime, the phone will vibrate. With this innovative function, say goodbye to over/undercooked food.
  • 👏 【LCD DISPLAY AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL SIMPLE APP】 - AJY wireless grill thermometer is equipped with a large LCD screen with backlight, so you can easily read the temperature even in the dark environment. Of course you can also monitor the food temperature remotely on your smartphone using the app.
  • 👏 【SAFE USE & 360 DAY WARRANTY】- AJY instant read food thermometer comes with a detailed and easy to understand graphic user guide. If you have any question about it, please feel free to contact us. We promise to provide you with the most satisfactory solution.

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