Amazon Smart Thermostat with C-Wire Power Adapter
Amazon Smart Thermostat with C-Wire Power Adapter

Save for a day. Save all year round.

Amazon Smart Thermostat is ENERGY STAR® certified. A certified thermostat is required to save an average of $50 in energy costs per year. Ask your energy provider about the energy savings discounts available in order to save on purchasing costs. Additionally, eligible customers can sign up to ongoing energy savings incentive plans with their utility companies to maintain year-round energy savings. Get information in the Alexa app.

So clever, you don't have to think about it

Alexa programmes to automatically adjust the temperature to your liking. If Alexa feels at home, on the go, or asleep, the thermostat can be set to the desired temperature.

"Alexa, set the temperature to 68 degrees."

Connect your Amazon Smart Thermostat to an Alexa-enabled device at home and you can control your HVAC system by voice. Not at home? You can also use the Alexa app to manually adjust the temperature or set a schedule when you're outside.

Follow DIY installation instructions

You can install the Amazon Smart Thermostat yourself by following the step-by-step instructions in the Alexa app. If you need any assistance, please contact our 24/7 customer support by phone, chat or email.

Technology you can trust

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is equipped with the Honeywell Home Thermostat, which combines 130 years of HVAC experience with the magic of Alexa.


Products approved for human use are smart devices for non-experts. No printing device, no patience required. Connecting to Alexa is quick and easy, even software updates are automatic. All human-certified devices meet high standards and are appreciated by customers because they are so simple.

Amazon Smart Thermostat with C-Wire Power Adapter
Amazon Smart Thermostat with C-Wire Power Adapter

  •     Kit includes Amazon Smart Thermostat and C-Wire power supply.
  •     Smart Upgrade - The Amazon Smart Thermostat is an easy way to switch from a traditional thermostat to reduce power consumption.
  •     Save Money - After you purchase, Amazon will send you an email with information about discounts that energy providers in your area can offer. I found the discount above.
  •     Energy Saving - Thermostats that require Energy Star certification save an average of $50 in energy costs per year.
  •     Auto Comfort-Alexa can program and update the temperature to make you feel comfortable.
  •     Control anytime, anywhere, let Alexa set the temperature or use the Alexa app to set it yourself wherever you are.
  •     You can do that - the Alexa app will walk you through the setup process, but customer service is always available.
  •     RELIABLE - Made with Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology and backed by 130 years of experience.

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