ANYCARE TAP2 Health Smartwatch with Temperature
ANYCARE TAP2 Health Smartwatch with Temperature

ANYCARE TAP2 Health Smart Watch with Temperature, SpO2, Heart Rate, HRV, Activity, Sleep, 10-Day Battery, Soft Strap, Remote Health Solution with AnyCARE Home Connection

Improving the health and safety of your loved ones has never been easier and more affordable. Our innovative health smartwatch regularly checks the wearer's vital signs and shares information with all families, friends and caregivers via the AnyCARE Family Connect app. For example, Jane has an elderly mother who lives at home alone. Jane has the Family Connect app installed on her phone and her mother wears a TAP2 Health smartwatch. It's easy for Jane to check on her mother by opening her Family Connect app and looking at her current and historical vital signs for changes in data trends. Jane also believes that even though her mom can't use her phone after a fall, she can always send help messages by pressing her TAP2 smartwatch. SOS notifications are sent to all family members who are logged in to the Family Connect app or to friends and neighbors using the AnyCARE Help Connect app

  •  [Health Monitoring] The AnyCARE TAP2 health smartwatch measures body temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate, heart rate variability, activity, and sleep status, and displays clock direction data on the watch. Optional AnyCARE Family Connect telemedicine solution enables family members to share health information and medical alerts from TAP2 users
  • [Emergency Assistance Connection] Thanks to the telemedicine function of AnyCARE TAP2 and Family Connect, the health and safety of relatives living alone can be improved. With the free AnyCARE Help Connect app, users can add their neighbors to the AnyCARE Family Connect network to receive live assistance in an emergency. AnyCARE Help Connect app will be released at the end of December
  • [Medical History] Patients with high blood pressure or diabetes can record their blood pressure or blood sugar values ​​in the AnyCARE Family Connect app so that the data can be saved with TAP2 health data for future reference
  • [Home Care Solution] Three TAP2-based AnyCARE plans can meet each family's unique care needs: free independent health monitors, assistive connections, family connections, and family mode subscriptions
  • [TELEHEALTH FUNCTION] (1) AnyCARE Family Connect for Health Monitor is free, no subscription required after 90 days of free trial (2) AnyCARE Family Connect with Family Mode requires each user to subscribe to the app after 90 days of free trial version ( 3) AnyCARE Help Connect for Emergency Help Message is free for all users who subscribe to TAP2 owner family mode

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