binROC Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with 48 Grind Settings
binROC Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with 48 Grind Settings

BinROC Anti-static Conical Coffee Grinder, With 48 Grinding Stages, binROC Adjustable Coffee Grinder, Suitable From 2 To 12 Cups, Stainless Steel

 Knife Cutters & Knife Cutters

  •     Unlike a knife grinder, which randomly cuts coffee beans into smaller and smaller pieces, a pin grinder grinds coffee beans between two grooved knives like a grain grinder. The space between the two knives determines the final size of the coffee bean, so the grain size is more consistent than anything ground in a knife grinder.
  •     Although knife sharpeners have a number of finer grinding settings (just like machines in coffee shops or supermarkets), knife sharpeners cannot adjust the grind. You usually get as much fine powder, large pieces and the size of bagasse you want.
  •     A good knife grinder is much more expensive than a standard knife grinder, but for coffee lovers, the difference in taste is worth the upgrade.

 binROC . conical static coffee grinder


We know that the biggest user complaint about coffee grinders is that they have scattered ground beans and the coffee tastes bad. my land? Steady durability. The engineering team at BinROC spent a year reducing mill static and developing an internal cleaning brush to ensure the natural taste of every coffee. Finally, in 2021, we launched a new coffee grinder, the cone anti-static coffee grinder. , CG202.

Splash Resistant Design

The mouth of the coffee powder is equipped with a silicone ring to prevent abrasives from running out of the cup while working.

Visual cereal bowl

The hopper can hold 9 ounces of whole grain and the mesh cage can check the amount of grain at any time

304 stainless steel brushed

Durable, sturdy, high quality, very suitable for the kitchen

binROC Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with 48 Grind Settings
binROC Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with 48 Grind Settings

  •      【The high-quality stainless steel electric conical coffee grinder can finely grind at a slower speed for an even grinding effect for the best aroma extraction. Only applicable to the nominal voltage: 120V.
  •     [Anti-static upgrade] Anti-static technology keeps the coffee chamber tidy and prevents coffee powder from spreading and damaging the work surface.
  •     [Patented Inner Brush] With the improved built-in brush, you can thoroughly clean the remaining coffee beans inside without clogging, so you get a natural coffee taste every time.
  •     [48 kinds of fine grinding settings] 48 kinds of fine grinding settings for fine grinding. Adjust the fineness of each type of coffee, from the fineness of an espresso to the size of your French pod coffee.
  •     [12 Cup Capacity / LED Display] Quantity selection from 2 to 12 cups, automatically shut off when you need to grind the exact number of fresh coffee beans automatically.
  •     [Noise Level] Quiet motor, you can stand next to it to talk on the phone while grinding.
  •     [Overcurrent Protection] 10 seconds to turn off to ensure the safety of electricity, it will not overheat and save electricity.
  •     Easy to assemble and clean. The included brush can clean the removable top, funnel and chamber. Resealable silicone dust cover keeps coffee fresh for longer.
  •     [Note]: The conical edge should be kept dry after cleaning and then put into the coffee grinder to avoid short circuit.

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