BRIGHTLYLIT Wooden Sewing Box Portable Hand Sewing Machine
BRIGHTLYLIT Wooden Sewing Box Portable Hand Sewing Machine


BRIGHTLYLIT Portable Sewing Machine Portable Handheld Sewing Machine Wooden Square Sewing With 153 Sewing Accessories Mini Sewing Machine For Beginners

Fabric Scissors: Make sure to equip yourself with professional fabric scissors. It is made of stainless steel alloy and is very sharp. The scissors are 7.77 inches long, 3.31 inches long, and weigh 4.2 ounces. Perfect for cutting fabrics. The scissors are tested to cut 14 layers of 0.7 inch thick denim at a time.

Wooden Storage Box: All wooden storage boxes are made of solid wood, imported from Russia, and the wood texture is beautiful. Special sizes for hand sewing machines and sewing boxes. The inner grid is clearly spaced for easy access to accessories and slides in drawers.

Polyester sewing thread: Model 40S/2 is polyester material, that is, it is woven by two strands of thread, no burrs, not easy to break, each 120 meters long, a total of 12 popular colors.

Soft measuring tape: 60 inches and 150 cm double-gauge sewing ruler, the scale is clear, accurate and error-free, and it can also be used for daily body measurement of weight loss.

Seam Crusher: It can be used to take the thread or puncture the leather, and it can be used for both purposes.

BRIGHTLYLIT Wooden Sewing Box Portable Hand Sewing Machine
BRIGHTLYLIT Wooden Sewing Box Portable Hand Sewing Machine

  •  Purchase notes] This product supports a variety of power supply methods: battery (excluding), USB (excluding), AC adapter (included). But after repeated tests by the seller, the machine runs 350 times per minute on battery power. When using USB, the device works 280 times per minute. When using the adapter, the machine runs 395 times per minute, the faster the working speed, the denser the sewing thread and the stronger the seam. Do you know how to buy a sewing machine now?
  • 【Package Included】 Total 143 sewing accessories: 1 wooden storage box, 1 portable sewing machine, 1 power supply, 1 fabric scissors, 1 thread cutter, 1 sewing ripper, 1 needle pad, 12 rolls of polyester sewing, 12 metal bobbins, sewing Thread, 40 straight sewing needles, 30 different hand sewing needles, 26 buttons, 10 safety pins, 2 thimbles, 2 spiral needles, 1 soft tape measure, 1 spare needle.
  • The scope is suitable for both beginners and professionals, can be used at home for emergency situations, and can also be stored in the car as a backup. They can be used to repair stains, sew clothes, aprons, baby aprons, pet clothes, plush toys, jeans, curtains, sheets, pillows, tablecloths, purses, groceries and more.
  • Features: The product has been upgraded with new technology, increased performance and reduced noise. It is easy to use, versatile, lightweight, durable and does not take up storage space. It is more convenient and saves money and time than traditional table sewing machines. And equipped with the most comprehensive range of sewing supplies and supplies, it can meet almost all your sewing needs.
  • 【Why Choose Us】 The portable sewing machine is upgraded with new technology, the power is increased, the noise is reduced, and it is not easy to skip stitches. Also includes a complete set of sewing tools and supplies and a large wooden storage box. If you only bought a manual sewing machine but did not buy a needle and tool thread, you will have to buy them later. You can now buy better quality products at the lowest prices.

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