Cambase 4K 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars
Cambase 4K 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars

Cambase Front Rear Cam Dash Cam Integrated 4K GPS Dual Front Camera 1080P Car Rear Camera 2 Inch IPS 170 Degree Wide Angle Dash Cam Parking Camera Support Night Vision WDR 128GB Max

🚗DC45 2.0" Full HD IPS Color Screen 4K Front + Rear 4K Ultra HD 1080P Dual Camera

This dash cam has the most important features on the market, such as 4K, G-sensor, loop recording, parking mode, motion detection, 170 degree viewing angle, super night vision, GPS, etc.

It also has features that no one else has such as: B. Sleep mode (no need to purchase an extra set of cables), reverse helpline function, ideal for beginners, fast and professional customer service.

🚗 Why do you need a dash cam?

In the event of an accident or in the insurance claims process, a tachograph can be used as one of the evidence to prove responsibility for the accident to the police and the insurance company. Especially useful in the absence of other witnesses. Protect yourself from incorrect liability or file a lawsuit

Cambase 4K 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars
Cambase 4K 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars

  •     🚕 【Front & Rear Driving Recorder DC45 4K Front & Rear Camera Equipped with 4K(3840*2160)(3840*2160)(3840*2160) front camera and 1080P(1920*1080) indoor rear camera, dual 4K rear cameras ensure clear details in one playback recording Accidents behind your vehicle. The front camera can be easily adjusted 360 degrees for optimal viewing. 170° wide angle helps you reduce blind spots
  •     🚕 【Built-in GPS & Speed ​​Tracking】 The built-in car cam allows the car cam to accurately determine the vehicle's location, speed (KMH/MPH), time and speed on the map. GPS operator, the guided path is displayed on the map to the right of the GPS operator, in the event of an accident, the coordinates track the exact location of the accident, which is necessary for roadside assistance and insurance against damage
  •     🚕 【7x7 Parking Monitoring】7x7 front and rear parking mode to monitor your vehicle 24/7. When sudden movement is detected, the built-in gravity sensor activates the onboard camera to record the situation. The built-in 300mAh battery works even when the car is turned off.
  •     🚕 Install and use GPS player, use GPS player download address to view GPS map.
  •     🚕 【Superior Night Vision & Wide Dynamic】This front and rear dual cameras combined with F1.8 large aperture and wide dynamic lens ensure clear images at night, automatically adjust balance in low light or over exposure, can enjoy driving in any situation clearly showing your surroundings. With superior night vision technology, dashboard cameras capture unique license plates and traffic signs.
  •     🚕 【Reverse Aid Function】The car dashboard camera on the reverse assist line can eliminate blind spots and avoid obstacles when reversing. The ultra-clear image clearly displays the driver's image to ensure safety when reversing. Essential reference help for beginners
  •     🚕 【Sturdy and easy to install】When the SD card (maximum 128GB not included)) is full, it will repeatedly replace the oldest video recording, ensuring continuous recording from the car camera camera equipped with 2 IPS HD camera that is attached to the glass Front by applying rubber adhesive

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