Dalattin 32.8ft Smart Led Strip Lights for Bedroom
Dalattin 32.8ft Smart Led Strip Lights for Bedroom

Dalattin AB-50320L3020 Smart LED Bedroom Light 65.6ft Dalattin 2 Files 32.8ft Smart LED Light with 5050 Color Changing Timing with Remote Control Kitchen Room

dance around

The light bar has a smart music mode and a built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity; The color of the light changes with the music or the beat of the microphone

memory function

When you activate the music mode of the LED light strip, the color changes in sync with the music, creating a party effect; Use the color memory function to set the time when the bedroom LED light strip can be turned on automatically, whatever your favorite color

Great gift for kids

Play with your child in dynamic lighting modes and bright light colors; Excellent light strips create an atmosphere

TV backlight strips

LED TV light strips add colored lights behind the TV to create a home atmosphere; A variety of bright colors make your TV pictures and movies brighter

16 million colors and 4 flash modes

You can also adjust the brightness of the light from 1% to 100% for different places; High brightness for lighting, medium brightness for atmosphere, low brightness for sleeping

3m glue

As long as the surface is clean and dry, 3M tape can be applied to any desired flat platform; Please clean the surface before installation


LED strips can be easily cut every 3 LEDs along the cut mark; You can buy connectors to combine lengths and sizes (there are no 4 connectors in the package)

Dalattin 32.8ft Smart Led Strip Lights for Bedroom
Dalattin 32.8ft Smart Led Strip Lights for Bedroom

  •  REMOTE CONTROL AND APP: This 65.6ft LED bedroom lamp and 32.8ft girl foot lamp has 16 million colors and 4 flash modes. Color scale to find your favorite slide
  • SYNC WITH MUSIC: This smart LED strip has a built-in high sensitivity microphone and the LED strip dances with ambient noise; You can even change the color with a few words
  • 65.6 ft LED light: 65.6 ft LED light strip covers the whole place; Very suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, stairs, etc.; The cut-out design can adjust the length of the light
  • Sunrise timer and memory function: The LED light bar has color memory and timekeeping functions that can be turned on and off automatically
  • STRONG STICKER: The LED light has a strong adhesive that can stick well to dry and flat surfaces. Please test the LED strip before installation

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