HandsFree Health Medical Alert Systems for Seniors Smart Watch
HandsFree Health Medical Alert Systems for Seniors Smart Watch

Elderly HandsFree Smart Watch - Medical Alert System for Seniors and Seniors - Elderly Smart Watch - GPS Monitoring - Two-Way Communicator SOS 4G - Monthly Subscription

emergency button

In the event of a medical emergency, simply press and hold the side button and you will be connected to an emergency operator in the United States. They use GPS to send first responders to your location.

rain jacket

Safety shower! The WellBe emergency alarm smart watch has a flood protection class of IPX7 and is water resistant. You no longer need to take off your watch for everyday activities like washing your hands, watering plants, or even taking a shower. Stay safe wherever you are.

Heart rate monitor and pedometer

Monitor your heart rate anytime, anywhere. Advanced sensors allow you to quickly get accurate heart rate readings. Know your heart rate and better understand how your body reacts to exercise, stress and other daily activities.

Every step counts and WellBe counts. Track your steps with the built-in pedometer. Helping you stay active is just another way WellBe goes beyond monitoring traditional medical alerts.

 Ultra-fast charging + ultra-long battery life

Charge the WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch with the included magnetic USB charger. Ultra-fast charging fully charges the battery in less than an hour. Ultra-long battery life of up to 24 hours*

24/7 emergency assistance

On-site emergency service is available to you around the clock in case of emergency.

GPS locator

GPS locations are automatically sent to emergency services for a faster response.

Companion app

The free WellBe Virtual Assistant app is included with the subscription. Our award winning app offers medication reminders and more.

remote settings

Set up WellBe for your loved ones anytime, anywhere with patent-pending remote enrollment.

HandsFree Health Medical Alert Systems for Seniors Smart Watch
HandsFree Health Medical Alert Systems for Seniors Smart Watch

  •     24/7 EMERGENCY HELP WITH THE PUSH OF A BUTTON - With this premium smartwatch, you can speak to our emergency team directly from the watch in case of a problem with the push of a button. We provide emergency medical assistance anytime, anywhere in the United States.
  •     Integrated Virtual Medical Assistant Our fully integrated Virtual Medical Assistant enables you to get instant answers to any medical question directly from your watch. Set medication reminders, find medical facilities near you, and use your voice to get weather updates from your watch.
  •     4G SOS EMERGENCY FUNCTION - Our largest watch has 4G LTE connectivity so you can get emergency help without a phone. You can set up emergency contacts that will be automatically notified when first responders are sent.
  •     Built-in Accurate GPS Tracking - This watch tracker reports your exact GPS location to our monitoring system and gives emergency responders quick access to your exact location.
  •     All Inclusive Subscription - Low subscription fee of $29.95 per month includes 24/7 monitoring and all extras like WellBe virtual assistant, WellBe app, emergency call connectivity, 4G coverage, pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc.

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