InHand Networks IR302 Industrial Iot LTE 4G VPN Router
InHand Networks IR302 Industrial Iot LTE 4G VPN Router

InHand Networks IR302 Industrial Internet of Things LTE 4G VPN router, 4G LTE Cat 4+ Wi-Fi, 2 SIM slots managed via cloud platform, supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon

 How do I use a router with a SIM card?

1. Insert the SIM card into slot 1, connect the 4G antenna to the main interface and the AUX interface and restart the device. When replacing or inserting a SIM card, the device must be turned off to avoid data loss or damage to the device.

2. Connect the LAN2 port to your computer.

3. Enter the router's IP address in your browser (you can find the IP address on the router's label).

IP: Username / Password: adm / 123456

4. Enter “Network >> Cellular”, select “Profile 1” from your network provider and enter the SIM card information in the profile table: APN, Username and Password (username and password are not required), then click Select and apply.

Note: Make sure the APN is correct. If you are not sure, contact your Internet service provider or search on Google.

Below is an example of APN information

AT&T APN: Broadband

Verizon APN: vzwinternet

Some SIM cards may have static IP addresses and require specific APNs. Please confirm this with your carrier.

5. Check the network status, “Status >> Network Connection”

  •  4G LTE router: Working frequency band: LTE CAT4, FDD: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71, WCDMA: B2/B4/B5; Dual card slots, can work with any operator using the same frequency band; Comprehensive functions, suitable for various industries and applications.
  • Industrial design, wide coverage: strong and durable industrial metal case, compact size, full use; Transmission distance up to 80m; With DIN plate and rail mounting functions.
  • Several options for surfing the Internet: providing wired network access, LTE CAT4 broadband, 1 Wi-Fi LAN port, 1 switchable WAN/LAN port, and Wi-Fi access. IR300 is a compact M2M LTE router that integrates 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and VPN technologies.
  • Enhanced security protection: VPN support, firewall and user permission management. Stronger security measures for data transmission, networking, and access to devices. -Firewall protection: packet inspection (SPI), defense against DoS attacks; Multicast/Ping filter detection packet, Access Control List (ACL); Content url filtering, port mapping, virtual IP mapping, IP-MAC binding; - Data security, OPENVPN protocol, CA digital certificate support.
  • High reliability and high-efficiency remote management: multi-layer monitoring and interconnection mechanism, automatic reconnection and recovery; change the dual SIM card; VRRP protection mechanism; Switch between wired, cellular, and Wi-Fi LTE networks. With the help of the InHand Device Manager cloud platform. Provide 3 years warranty and free technical support. Give us a connection.

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