Inkbird 150ft Waterproof Meat Bluetooth Grill Thermometer
Inkbird 150ft Waterproof Meat Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

Inkbird 150 Feet Waterproof Bluetooth BBQ Meat Thermometer IBT-4XP Wireless Cooking Thermometer With 4 Sensors For Smokers Alarm Timer Digital BBQ Thermometer For Kitchen Grill Oven Barrel

The Inkbird IBT-4XP is a waterproof grill thermometer with four sensors. IPX5 certified waterproof, customers can use it outdoors in the rain. Unused sockets must be connected. Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, magnetic and rotating display function. It has a stainless steel probe that helps you monitor the temperature of the meat and the oven/smoker at the same time. Overheating alarm, range alarm and countdown timer, even a beginner can easily get burned out. It has a range of up to 50 meters, so you can monitor the temperature of your meat and smokers anywhere in your home. You can entertain friends, prepare other meals, or take a quick nap. The Inkbird IBT-4XP not only helps you cook delicious food, but also can save you time. It is the best choice for Christmas gifts.

IPX5 waterproof certification

This device is IPX5 certified and waterproof. (Waterproof Certificate Number: BST180811514601SC, Shenzhen Best Technology Co., Ltd., 2018)

Customers can use this machine outside when it is raining. Although it can not be submerged in water.

High and low temperature alarms

With high and low temperature alarm and timer.

The alarm clock works on your device and your mobile phone at the same time.

You don't have to worry about cooking for too long or too little.

rechargeable battery

Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

Usually a full charge of 3 hours is sufficient for 40 hours of cooking.

Inkbird 150ft Waterproof Meat Bluetooth Grill Thermometer
Inkbird 150ft Waterproof Meat Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

  •  🍗 [Waterproof BBQ Thermometer with Rechargeable Lithium Battery] This bluetooth BBQ thermometer is IPX5 certified and waterproof. It can be used outdoors in the rain, but the unused outlet must be connected. Comes with a 50cm/1.64ft USB charging cable. And the fully charged capacity can be used continuously for 60 hours working. Battery capacity can be monitored via the app.
  • 🍗 [150ft Wireless Smoked Meat Thermometer] Pair the BBQ thermometer with your smartphone or iPhone (Android 4.4 + 4.0 and IOS software) and it will remind you when the temperature is too high or too low. Monitor the cooking temperature anytime and anywhere via mobile phone (up to 50m). The high temperature accuracy allows you to rest during cooking.
  • 🍗 [Blue Wireless Magnetic Meat Thermometer Wireless meat thermometer uses a magnetic design and has four sensors. The thermometer with magnetic design on the back can be sucked firmly onto smoker, drum or oven. Another great design of the meat thermometer is that the LED display can be rotated by double clicking the power button. You can read the temperature values ​​at the top and at the bottom. The food thermometer is equipped with three meat sensors and one environmental sensor.
  • 🍗 [Large LED display and temperature table in the APP] The bluetooth smoke thermometer monitors the temperature of the grill on the mobile phone and can easily display the temperature table in the APP. Large 2.2" x 1" LED screen. Even if it is 10 to 15 meters away from you, you can clearly observe the temperature reading. The thermometer temperature range is 0-300°C/32°F~572°F; (short-range measurement); 0-250/C 32°F ~ 482°F (continuous monitoring).
  • 🍗 [Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer - What You Get] Wireless waterproof thermometer, four sensors, two clips, and a USB cable. People can check the temperature on your phone within 50 feet of bluetooth so you can feel free to cook

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