iRobot i315020 Roomba i3 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Vacuum
iRobot i315020 Roomba i3 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Vacuum

iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Wi-Fi Mapping, Works with Alexa, Great for Pet Hair and Carpets

  •     PERFORM CLEANING THAT WORKS FOR YOU - Eliminate your brain drain with personalized cleaning recommendations for the Roomba i3+ robot vacuum, powered by the unique intelligence of iRobot Genius, to understand your habits and routines.
  •     Cleaning When You Go - With iRobot Genius, you can now configure the robot to start cleaning when you leave and stop cleaning when you get home, so you'll only notice hygiene and never clean.
  •     Clean and tidy rows - The Smart Linear Navigation system uses floor-tracking sensors to intentionally and logically clean and clean rows. When the i3+ needs charging, it resumes from where it left off to ensure absolute cleanliness.
  •     10X THE POWER TO INCREASE THE POWER OF THE SUction* - To clean the stubborn dirt in your home, the Roomba i3+ robotic vacuum cleaner uses a high-quality 3-stage cleaning system and 10 times the power to increase the power to vacuum away dirt. * (Compared to Roomba 600 series cleaning system)
  •     Reliable central cleaning - iRobot's patented dirt-detection technology enables Roomba i3+ sweeping robots to identify the most polluted areas of your home and clean them more thoroughly.
  •     Double Multi-Surface Rubber Brush - The Roomba i3 robotic vacuum cleaner uses a dual multi-surface rubber brush that can flexibly adapt to different types of floors and avoid tangling with animal hair instead of using a single-bristled brush.
  •     Auto Charging - When the battery is low, the robot will automatically find the base station to fully charge it until the next cleaning.
  •     Clean Dream Team - With the help of Imprint Link technology, Roomba i3+ robot vacuum cleaner, Braava jet m6 robot vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner together then mop the floor automatically in perfect order, you can mop the floor completely by giving commands to your voice assistant. Implementation.
  •     Keep getting smarter, quality stays. intellectual growth. Equipped with cutting-edge hardware that contains the smart features you love today and with access to the latest developments in the future*, software updates are designed to improve functionality over time. * Available functions vary by model

great work

The powerful 10 times suction power and the dual multi-surface rubber brushes can suck up dirt, debris and animal hair from hiding places.

smart navigation

The i3 uses the most advanced hardwood and carpet floor-tracking sensors to navigate and map your home in organized rows.

New apps, new levels of hygiene

With the new iRobot Home app, you can improve your overall cleaning experience. Enjoy the features that fit your life.

clean your life

Learn from your cleaning habits to create a custom schedule. If the pollen count is high or the animals are shedding, additional cleaning is recommended.

Very suitable for families with pets

The unique multi-surface rubber brush will not tangle with animal hair. High-efficiency filters can trap 99% of allergens in the hair of cats and dogs.

iRobot i315020 Roomba i3 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Vacuum
iRobot i315020 Roomba i3 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Vacuum

  • Easier Access to Cleaner Floors - The Roomba i3 robot vacuum offers 10X more suction power* to vacuum out dirt, dust and pollen. When allergy season or pet grooming season begins, offer additional cleaning services to keep your floors in top condition. He can also understand your cleaning habits and suggest a cleaning time that fits your schedule. Interactive sensor technology helps avoid travel while dirt detection technology focuses on cleaning where it's needed most. When you're ready to clean, use the iRobot Home app or just say the word - Google Assistant and Alexa can clean your robot with just your voice. Move purposefully and logically in organized rows and use two multi-surface rubber pads to aggressively scrub the floor and erase your thoughts and to-do lists. * (Compared to Roomba 600 series cleaning system)

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