iZEEKER GD500 2.5K Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam
iZEEKER GD500 2.5K Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam

iZEEKER 2.5K front and back dual camera,3 inch IPS dash cam recorder with Sony IMX335 sensor,G sensor,motion detection,parking monitor,loop recording,WDR,Support 128GB

 Q1. Does the driving recorder come with a TF card? If not, what type of memory card should I use?

A1: This camera supports microSD cards of Class 10 or higher up to 128GB (not included). Please format the card with FAT32 64K file system on the computer before using it, and then reformat it in the camera. (Note: If you don't have a FAT32 64KB option on your computer, you can choose Exfat or another file system. When formatting the card on your computer, don't click the format box quickly to make sure the card can be fully formatted. ).

Q2. Is the download process easy? I wonder if I'll have a hard time. Are there instructions?

A2: This dual camera installation is not difficult, as described in the instruction manual.

There are three steps: 1) Attach the front camera to the windshield using the provided suction cup; 2) Connect the car charger to the cigarette lighter and turn on the dashcam; 3) Connect the front camera by connecting it to the rear view camera cable to mount the rear view camera to the rear window.

Installation instructions for this model are also available on YouTube. You can watch these videos or ask the seller for help.

Q3. If the car charger stops working, can I get another charger from the manufacturer?

A3: Of course, you can buy the car charger from the seller without paying.

iZEEKER GD500 2.5K Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam
iZEEKER GD500 2.5K Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam

  •     Ultra HD Resolution - Equipped with WQHD 2688*1520P @ 30FPS max, 1440P front lens and 1080P rear lens, capture the roads at the same time in Ultra HD resolution. Equipped with a 170 degree wide angle dual drive recorder, complete monitoring without visual blind spots.
  •     Record more videos - iZEEKER's front and rear cameras provide longer recording times, even when standing, thanks to support for 128GB microSD cards while H.265 encryption takes up less file space. When the microSD card is full, previous recordings are automatically overwritten with new files. (excluding MicroSD)
  •     Emergency Lock - Using the built-in G-sensor, the iZEEKER car camera automatically locks the current video if a vibration or collision is detected, it is not overwritten by the loop recording and is saved to a separate event folder.
  •     Advanced Night Vision - With Sony IMX335, WDR and HDR sensors, it ensures high resolution and image quality at night. When driving in a dark environment, the high-quality night vision function fills in the light and records clear and bright videos with high color saturation.
  •     Ease of use - The 3 inch wide IPS screen displays the clear and lifelike effect of realistic scenes. The four buttons on the right side make the dashboard camera more convenient, easy to use and durable.
  •     FULL USER'S MANUAL AVAILABLE - The dual camera is easy to set up and use, while step-by-step instructions and video features are available. Recording starts automatically when the engine is running.
  •     Intimate after-sales service - Our 24-hour online customer service team will answer your questions at any time until the problem is resolved. From the customer's point of view, customer satisfaction is our luck.

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