iZEEKER GD850 4K Dual Dash Cam with WiFi GPS
iZEEKER GD850 4K Dual Dash Cam with WiFi GPS

IZEEKER 4K Dual Dash Camera with WiFi GPS, 4K & 1080P Front & Rear Camera, 3" IPS Touch Screen Car Camera with Sony Super Night Vision Sensor, Accident Recording, Support Max 256GB

 Q1: Why am I stuck on my computer while playing a 4K video?

A1: It depends on your carrier. Driver and computer required for 4K video. We recommend the "PotPlayer" player. Video playback crashes if the computer version is too old.

Q2: Is there a recommended SD card?

A2: The GD850 is sold without an SD card. Since many customers already have an SD card, customers will not incur any additional costs. However, the GD850 offers a variety of options for SD card storage size, up to 32GB - 256GB for Class 10 SD cards. We recommend an SD card storage capacity of 128GB due to storage requirements. Dual camera panels memory 4K higher resolution.

Q3: How can I share the recorded video?

A3: You need to use the WiFi function.

1. Connect the WiFi dashcam to your phone.

2. Upload the video to LuckyCam.

3. Disconnect the wifi, you can share videos with different social apps in LuckyCam.

Q4: Why does the rubber seal look waterproof?

A4: Given the frequent disassembly and reassembly of the dashcam sucker, the sucker becomes too loose which may prevent the sucker from installing the dash cam. If you have any questions about installing rubber seals, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist.

iZEEKER GD850 4K Dual Dash Cam with WiFi GPS
iZEEKER GD850 4K Dual Dash Cam with WiFi GPS

  •     Responsive Touch Screen - The GD850 is equipped with a 3-inch IPS touch screen, which better suits the usage habits of modern people and does not require any guidance. All operations require just the touch of a finger without having to worry about awkward traditional buttons. With its simple and smooth operation, you can enjoy this versatile camera like never before.
  •     4K + 1080P Ultra HD - The video resolution of the dual camera captured by the front camera lens is 4K. For front and rear cameras, the total resolution can reach 4K + 1080P, which has achieved the revolutionary resolution standard for leading recorders in the market. Accurate video resolution captures every essential detail for a clear record of your road trip.
  •     Clearer Night Vision - The 4K pixels in the GD850 4K and Sony's Starvis sensor are the perfect combination. WDR automatically balances the light and dark areas of the video. Even in low light at night, you can still record moderately clear and bright videos and photos. An incredibly fast chip that makes it all possible.
  •     Smart WiFi & Stable GPS - Use iZEEKER Lucky Cam or OK Cam's smart WiFi software to connect WiFi dash cam to easily view and download recorded videos to your phone. It is compatible with Android and iOS systems. And the car charger for the driving recorder is connected to the Global Positioning System (GPS). This smart design makes the GPS more stable and powerful than the usual GPS driving recorders on the market.
  •     Your Virtual Eyes - When parking monitoring is activated, the front and rear dashboard cameras detect the vehicle's vibrations and automatically record the lock video. Log accidents when you're away and keep an eye on your car 24/7. Time-lapse photography allows you to monitor video details more clearly. For the best safety, keep a comprehensive and detailed accident guide.

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