Jeteveven Pocket Cordless Electric Sewing Machine
Jeteveven Pocket Cordless Electric Sewing Machine

Jeteveven Hand Sewing Machine Mini Portable Sewing Machine Baby Bag Cordless Electric Sewing Machine Pet Clothes Curtains

  •  Portable and Compact It is a compact, light and fast sewing machine. Very compact, lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for repair work at home or on the go. Everyone will use this mini sewing machine, just read the instruction manual before you start sewing.
  • 【Rich Accessories】 Portable sewing machine set, 1 pink sewing machine, 1 long rod, 2 spare needles, 1 threading needle, 1 tape, 1 scissors, 2 bobbins, 10 safety pins, 9 different colors, 1 * gift box, 1 * 1.5m USB cable and 1 * English user manual. ☛ Please note that there is a small cotton cloth attached to the sewing machine for testing before official use.
  • Easy to Use: Install the battery and attach the thread to start sewing. With the automatic feeding function, it can be sewed as precisely as a stapler, where the feeding speed should not be too fast. Please tie it at the end after sewing, otherwise it will fall off a little. If you don't know how to use it, watch the video on our product detail page. One-touch stitching, easy to use, even beginners and men can use it safely.
  • Highly adaptable to many materials Suitable for most materials, fabrics, garments, silk, wool and edging for sewing and repairing curtains, trousers, shirts, blouses and toys. Applicable to almost all fabrics with a thickness of ≤1.8mm. You can even sew without undressing! Note: The thickness of the appropriate thread should not exceed 1.8mm.
  • 【Two Power Modes】 Use 4 AA batteries (not included) or USB cable (included) to give you more choices. You can keep it in your bag for a rainy day. This portable sewing machine is more convenient to use than traditional desktop machines.

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