KASEEMI 2022 Call Receive/Dial Smart Watch
KASEEMI 2022 Call Receive/Dial Smart Watch

KASEEMI 2022 Smartwatch (Receiver / Tablet) Smart Watch, Suitable for Android Smartphones, With Call, SMS, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring Function, Unisex

 KASEEMI Smartwatch Use the health companion voice assistant on your wrist to make and receive calls.

  •     Bluetooth call / message / SNS Smartwatch notification received (No message can be received)
  •     Heart rate / blood pressure / blood oxygen monitoring Sleep monitoring: automatic monitoring and analysis of sleep quality
  •     GPS recording of training path, multiple training modes, fitness tracker: display the number of steps, breathing, blood pressure, heart rate
  •     Supports most versions of Androi4.4 and IOS8.0 and above
  •     Simple and sporty design gives you a different visual experience, ultra-thin aluminum body and meticulous workmanship
  •     Multiple functions allow you to fully enjoy the life experience that technology brings to you.

 Send and receive phone calls and receive notifications through mobile applications.

  •     Never miss an important call with this bluetooth calling smart watch. Whether you're at home, walking or running, the waterproof HD speaker leaves your hands free. You can make, receive and reject calls and receive calls on your wrist. Message/app notification, listen to music directly from the watch, smarter than other similar watches. Never miss any calls or messages.
  •     After the smart watch is connected to the smart phone, please open the corresponding program message notification in the "armband" APP so that the smart watch can receive notifications normally.
  •     Bluetooth calls (call, answer, reject) can only be made after Bluetooth audio is connected
  •     The Bluetooth connection distance should not exceed ten meters
  •     When the watch is making a call, you can choose to answer it on the watch or on the phone
  •     The mobile phone address book can be added through the APP (you need to detach the APP first)
KASEEMI 2022 Call Receive/Dial Smart Watch
KASEEMI 2022 Call Receive/Dial Smart Watch

  •     [WhatsApp or Facebook SMS reminder] Please deactivate DISTURB mode in the smartwatch settings. The watch can receive and display information normally. Enable three notification permissions. (1) The notification permission is activated in the phone settings. (2) The notification permission has been activated in WhatsApp. (3) The notification permission has been activated in the DaFit APP. [4) Please deactivate the inconvenience in the settings of the smartwatch. Note: This message cannot be replied to.
  •     [Answer / Make a Call] After a Bluetooth connection is made, you can directly dial the phone number on the screen to answer the call. Bluetooth 5.0 (support Android 4.4 and IOS8.0 and above), so you can do sports, fitness and cycling with this waterproof, high-accuracy hands-free kit. If you don't need to call the function, you can turn it off. A variety of sports modes, IP67 water resistance (Note: Not suitable for diving, swimming or sauna. Try not to put the watch in water).
  •     [Heart rate, blood pressure and sleep detection] This smart fitness watch with answer / call function can detect your blood pressure and heart rate. You can activate 24-hour heart rate detection in the app. The powerful motion sensor monitors sleep status (deep sleep, light sleep and wake time) and provides a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality.
  •     [ 1.70 inch Full Touch Screen & Multiple Buttons ] This fitness smart watch with dial function has a 1.72 inch TFT HD full HD circular touch screen. (Receipt / Request) The message notification can be displayed directly on the screen. Five brightness options allow you to easily read in the sun or in the dark. There are a variety of DIY watch faces and watch face designs available. You can also choose your favorite photo (Dahe) in the app to customize the watch face and unleash your unique personality.
  •     Battery life and lifetime assistant] The battery capacity is 230mAh (Seiko pure cobalt battery protection board). The smart watch can be fully charged in about 2 hours

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