Lahuko Adjustable Stainless Steel Rechargeable Coffee Grinder
Lahuko Adjustable Stainless Steel Rechargeable Coffee Grinder

Lahuko Burr Electric Coffee Grinder, Cordless Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder, One-Button Operation, 5 Grinding Settings

LaHuKo Electric Coffee Grinder.
Humanized design, safe and secure!

Portable conical coffee grinder, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can take it with you and brew your favorite delicious fresh coffee whenever you want. Good choice for coffee lovers!

This is a slow grinder. If you accept her slow pace, you accept her.

  •     Stainless steel + ABS material
  •     Level 5 adjusts fine powder and coarse powder
  •     Coffee bean storage capacity of up to 60g
  •     Drill high quality ceramic taper
  •     1200 mAh battery + works wirelessly
  •     Storage capacity and grinding status can be displayed

The coffee grinder with ceramic cone reduces the heat generated during the grinding process and increases the original aroma of the coffee. The grinding wheel is stronger and more durable.

Increase coffee bean storage and grind more coffee powder at one time. Electric coffee grinder, thanks to the same power and speed, the coffee is ground evenly.

The adjustment ring can be turned left and right. Turn the ring to the right to filter the coffee powder. Adjust textures in 1 to 5 steps depending on the brewing method.

The top cover of the coffee grinder cannot be opened from top to bottom; It must be rotated counterclockwise to loosen it. When closing, you need to align the slits and rotate them clockwise.

Lahuko Adjustable Stainless Steel Rechargeable Coffee Grinder
Lahuko Adjustable Stainless Steel Rechargeable Coffee Grinder

  •  [Ceramic Coffee Grinder] - The electric coffee grinder uses ceramic as the grinding core, and the inner ceramic core is not easily oxidized, reducing the heat generated during grinding. The grinding force and speed are equal and the original aroma of the coffee beans is preserved as much as possible. Enjoy an elegant and rich coffee.
  • [Electric Coffee Grinder] - An improved version of the portable rotary grinder with an ergonomically designed body. While working, you can check the grinding status of coffee beans and coffee powder through the upper and lower transparent boxes. The collection container clearly shows how much coffee powder is needed per cup and is your professional helper when brewing coffee.
  • [5 Grinding Settings] - One button on/off. The external setting ring can adjust the metering ring to the left and right. You can choose 5 levels of grinding strength according to your brewing method. Closely control the roughness of drip irrigation, cold brew, French press, and espresso. (Don't run the setup loop while you're working!)
  • The coffee grinder is easy to clean - due to the design of the internal parts, the core of the grinder cannot be soaked in water or cleaned. You can remove the coffee powder with a soft brush or damp paper towels. Simply unscrew the drip tray at the bottom of the grinder and rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • 【LAHUKO COFFEE GRINDER - The Lahuko Electric Coffee Grinder occupies a small and light space (600g). Automatic grinding saves your energy. It is a good choice as a gift for family or friends. It is very popular among coffee lovers. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us, we will give you the best solution.

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