LAMTTO 1080P IR Night Vision Dash Cam Car Camera
LAMTTO 1080P IR Night Vision Dash Cam Car Camera

LAMTTO Inner Dual Front Dash Cam 1080P Car Dash Cam Auto Infrared Night Vision Car Camera for Taxi Accident Parking Screen Lock

Parking Monitor

When a collision or sudden car accident is detected, the dashcam is automatically triggered to record inside and outside and monitor your parked vehicle.

Loop recording and sensors

Repeated recording will automatically overwrite the oldest snapshot to prevent the memory card from filling up.

Infrared night vision

The interior camera is surrounded by 4 infrared night vision lights, which enables to get great pictures in the car when the interior is dark.


The front camera is equipped with HDR technology for high dynamic image processing, which provides excellent exposure and dynamic range in poor lighting conditions such as driving in the sun or headlights in night traffic.

Motion detection

If a thief walks around your car, the dashcam will automatically turn on and start recording when the car is parked.

1080P HD and 310 degree viewing angle

Full HD 1080P 170° with 30fps front camera and 140° 1080p with 30fps indoor camera captures both the road ahead and in the cabin for crystal clear video.

Optional Bracket The CE41A Car Camera Mount is equipped with 2 mounts: 1 suction cup and 1 detachable suction bracket. You can choose whatever you want.

Supports up to 256 GB

The latest CE41A camera supports up to 256GB. Please make sure you are using a high speed SD card U3 or above and format it before using it for the first time.

LAMTTO 1080P IR Night Vision Dash Cam Car Camera
LAMTTO 1080P IR Night Vision Dash Cam Car Camera

  •     [Front + Integrated Dual Camera] 1080P Resolution. Dashcams can make driving easier by providing clear and clear video evidence in the event of a car accident or steering wheel conflict.
  •     【Superior Infrared Night Vision】 1080P recording and HDR technology, even at night, the picture and video quality is always clear and detailed. In addition, the built-in camera is capable of recording clear videos in the dark using 4 infrared (IR) lights. This is ideal for taxi drivers who tend to go out late at night.
  •     [310° Wide Angle Full Field of View] The front lens has a 170° viewing angle on both sides of the front of the vehicle. There is no blind spot recording during the whole process and driving is safe. The 140-degree interior lens is enough to get a full view of your vehicle's cabin and its occupants.
  •     【Supports Repeated Recording to 128GB SD Card】Dual cameras have a loop recording function that can record continuously and automatically delete the oldest saved video to save the newest video when the memory is full. G-Sensor ensures that important saved videos are not overwritten. The dashcam can be equipped with a microSD card (including an SD card) up to 128 GB.
  •     【24-Hour Reliable Parking Monitoring】 With parking monitoring enabled, the car dashboard camera can record the time of your vehicle collision while parking.
  •     【Easy Setup and Screensaver】The Dashcam can be easily attached to the windshield using suction cups (can also be attached to stickers). Hidden miniatures do not distract the driver. No complicated settings, just plug and go. The dashcam can record video with the screen off while using the screen saver function.

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