Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine for Kids
Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine for Kids

Made By Me My 213319 Super Specialty Sewing Machine - Kids Sewing Machine - First Sewing Machine to Introduce the Basics of Sewing - Craft Toy for 8+ Kids

Discover how easy it is to master the art of sewing with the new and improved Made By Me sewing machine! It comes with a battery operated baby sewing machine, wire threader, fiber filler, canvas, tape measure and 3 bobbins - this upgraded machine will make your first stitch easier! This sewing machine comes with threads pre-taped and ready to use. So, just follow the full instructions to get started and start creating! Learn the basics, such as preparing coils, repairing needles, and checking their quality. Then use your device to create tons of cool projects like patchwork pillows, tac-tac-toe, cloth tags, and mysterious creatures! Whether you're using available fabrics or your favorite fabrics at home, this kit contains all the tools you need to become a professional seamstress - visit the Horizon Group USA website for project patterns! Perfect for young female seamstresses aged 8+.

  •  NEW IMPROVED SEWING MACHINE: This battery-powered 2-speed sewing machine is designed to make sewing easier for beginners - with easy-to-use features like an on/off switch, adjustable stitches and lengths, fast forward, threading and more. a lot!
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL NEEDS: This compact, ready-to-use sewing machine set includes finger guards, a safety light, an adjustable speed and a power button!
  • PHOTO BASED INSTRUCTIONS: From 10 different projects to maintaining your sewing machine and everything in between - follow fully illustrated step-by-step instructions into the wonderful world of sewing!
  • Learn a skill that doesn't take long: Sewing is a handy skill that kids will benefit for a lifetime! Learning a new hobby can produce great crafts - even clothes!
  • Kit includes: 1 battery operated sewing machine, 1 metal needle, 1 bag of fibers (0.8 oz, 22 g), tape measure, 1 label, 2 sheets of fabric (1 pink, 1 blue, 12" x 12") 3 spools ( 1 white, 1 pink, 1 light teal, 15m/per water), easy to follow instructions

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