Miofive 5G WiFi App UHD Car Dash Camera
Miofive 5G WiFi App UHD Car Dash Camera

4K dash camera | WiFi dash camera and Miofive 5G | 2160P UHD Dash Recorder with GPS | 64GB eMMC Storage | 24 hour parking mode | sensors | night vision | motion detection | a period

 MIOFIVE APP → Enjoy 5GHz WiFi Video Streaming

MIOFIVE 4K UHD Dashcam comes with a practical and intelligent "MIOFIVE" application, with which you can watch or download the recorded videos directly on your iOS and Android devices and even save them to your phone. GPS technology makes it easy to get routes, speed and tracker every time you use the app. They will record every flight detail!

2160P Driving Recorder

2160P @ 30fps HD Driving Recorder provides excellent quality and smooth videos. This driving recorder will provide you the best viewing experience.

GPS and WiFi 5G

Enjoy the fastest 5GHz WiFi for easy video access. Using GPS, it records the location, route, speed and other data of your vehicle.

eMMC 64G integrated

Integrated 64GB eMMC storage, no additional SD card required, 10 times longer service life for SD card, 50MB/s read and write speed.

Easy to install

The dashcam is designed with a small size of 2.2 inches without blocking the view, which makes driving safer. Very easy to download and use.

delay function

This allows you to record continuously at one frame per second for 8, 16, or 24 hours.

strong and durable

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions ranging from 14°F to 133°F.

24 hour monitoring

Intelligently record video clips at night with accelerometer technology.

independent control button

Press the black button to turn it on, then connect it to your 5G phone.

Miofive 5G WiFi App UHD Car Dash Camera
Miofive 5G WiFi App UHD Car Dash Camera

  •     【4K UHD Driving Recorder 1080P Driving Recorder has poor image quality, are you having problems? We have good news for you: MIOFIVE is equipped with a Sony IMX 415 sensor that records recordings in 4K Ultra HD (4K 3840 x 2160 pixels, 30 fps). This means four times more detail than conventional dashboard cameras, as close as possible to the "human eye".
  •     【AI Smart Driving Assistant】 Built-in GPS technology and AI algorithm analyze the driving environment through the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) analysis function. If you stop at a traffic light behind your car for more than 5 seconds, the Dashcam MIOFIVE 4K activates the "Go Assist" function and reminds you to continue driving when the traffic light turns green and the vehicle ahead.
  •     2.2 inch IPS screen MIOFIVE dashcam is equipped with a 2.2 inch IPS screen, which far surpasses other panels with wider viewing angles, clearer color reproduction and better contrast values. It offers ultra-wide 140-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles and a wider color space, so you can enjoy an ultra-clear screen with rich colors from wide angles without annoying blur.
  •     5G WiFi & Car Dash Cam You can also use the MIOFIVE app to quickly and easily access recorded and stored driving recordings at up to 5GHz Wi-Fi! With 5G WiFi and built-in eMMC storage, you can easily view your dashcam recordings in real time and upload them to the MIOFIVE app so you can view, browse and play 4K videos from your dashcam's eMMC storage. It also allows you to upload videos to your local album for later use.
  •     【24 Hours Monitoring】G Starvis MIOFIVE night vision sensor is ideal for nighttime recordings and recordings. Miofive 4K UHD dash cam can be accessed through a simple wired connection (please purchase Miofive cable set). This allows you to use MIOFIVE as a surveillance camera system when it detects bumps or physical movement in low-light environments.

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