Motorola MH7601 Advanced WiFi 6 Router
Motorola MH7601 Advanced WiFi 6 Router

Motorola MH7601 | Extended Wi-Fi 6 Router + Smart Mesh System | Easy setup, security, ad blocking, and parental controls with Motosync | AX1800 . Wireless Network

The best games and streaming

The whole family can simultaneously broadcast, playback and video conferencing on more than 100 devices without delay.

Expandable network coverage

There are no more dead zones, buffers, and broken connections. Use a strong and reliable WiFi network to cover your entire home.

Unparalleled performance

Ultra-fast Gigabit speeds and next-generation WiFi 6 technology ensure a better calling experience.

Powerful mobile app

Use the motosync app to easily manage network speed tests, set up parental controls, share guest WiFi, and much more.

Motorola MH7601 Advanced WiFi 6 Router
Motorola MH7601 Advanced WiFi 6 Router

  •  The AX1800's true gigabit speed is super fast at up to 1 gigabit and is suitable for over 100 devices with next-generation WiFi 6.
  • No more buffering: give all your devices fast and reliable WiFi for streaming, gaming and video conferencing. It has a 1 Gigabit Ethernet port for a fast wired connection.
  • Expandable Mesh Coverage - The unit covers an area of ​​up to 2,000 square feet. Easily expand coverage to 5,000 square feet. By adding additional MH7601 devices to your mesh network. With parts MH7602-2 and MH7603-3
  • Powerful App with Parental Controls - Use motosync app to easily setup and manage WiFi. Share your guest network, run speed tests, track data usage, and more. Create family profiles to filter content, set time limits and monitor usage.
  • Automated Security and Data Protection - Protect your network and data security with advanced security including: automatic firmware upgrades, malware scans, new hardware alerts, and ad blockers.

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