OKP K3 Robot Vacuum with Self-Charging and 2000pa Strong Suction
OKP K3 Robot Vacuum with Self-Charging and 2000pa Strong Suction

OKP K3 vacuum robots and mopping robots, vacuum robots with self-charging and high suction power of 2000Pa, vacuum robots with removable mopping mat, suitable for hard floors and carpets

Advanced Vacuum Cleaner and Side Brush:

The Aspiradora robot uses an upgraded vacuum cleaner that can effectively prevent hair from being sucked. And the use of two special side brushes can greatly increase the cleaning area. No need to worry about hidden spots.

Wooden floors and soft carpets:

Thanks to the 15-degree climbing technology, the sweeping robot can reach every corner of your home without interruption.

4 different cleaning methods:

1: Automatic cleaning 2: Fixed point cleaning 3: Wall cleaning Follow 4: Manual cleaning.

There are also three types of suction to choose from: low suction strength, medium suction strength, and high suction strength.

Long-lasting battery and self-charging:

1800mAh battery can last about 100 minutes. Hoover robot can help you clean about 1,100 square meters at a time. When the battery is low, the sweeping robot returns to the docking station.

0.5L Waste Container and High Performance Filter:

99% of fine particles are filtered using a high-efficiency V-shaped filter.

Free-motion technology and anti-fall technology:

The OKP vacuum robot has improved its self-protection system so that the mini vacuum cleaner does not fall off stairs or ledges.

small and flexible:

The ultra-thin Aspiradora robot measures only 2.99 inches. It can even be slipped anywhere under the sofa, bed, shoe cabinet and wiped clean with a rag.

Smart and easy to use:

OKP 2 in 1 sweeping robot supports Alex and Google to help you connect. You can also control the vacuum cleaner using the remote control or the app to clean your home.

OKP K3 Robot Vacuum with Self-Charging and 2000pa Strong Suction
OKP K3 Robot Vacuum with Self-Charging and 2000pa Strong Suction

  •      Note: This robot vacuum only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Please charge the sweeping robot for 4-5 hours before use.
  •     Reasons for low suction power: Be sure to select the maximum mode. (This mode is the maximum mode) Please be careful not to pick up large amounts of waste. (When the large waste is absorbed) ➌ Please check whether the hair has been absorbed into the brush (When the hair is absorbed into the brush.)
  •     2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Mop: OKP robotic vacuum cleaner with mop and mop (without water tank). If juice, milk or jam accidentally spills on the floor or if it causes other stains, you can clean the OKP sweeping robot directly with a wet mop, which is very practical.
  •     Strong suction mouth and suction power: Equipped with 2000pa strong suction power, OKP robotic vacuum cleaner can easily vacuum up crumbs and crumb dust. This robotic hoover uses two side brushes to help you clean and prevent clogging and tangles.
  •     Ultra-slim design: With an ultra-slim body of only 2.99 inches, the OKP sweeping robot can glide around the bed, sofa and closet for deep cleaning.
  •     LONG BATTERY LIFE AND SELF CHARGING: OKP robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 1800mAh lithium iron phosphate battery which can last up to 100 minutes. In addition, the robot vacuum returns to the docking station and the robot vacuum is operated at low power.
  •     FreeMove 2.0 Technology: Equipped with the built-in 6D anti-collision infrared sensor, the robotic vacuum cleaner can be raised 15 degrees, which means it can work on hardwoods and carpets without interruption and clean them thoroughly.
  •     The smart and easy-to-use vacuum robot supports Alex and Google. At the same time, you can use the mobile app (OKP life) or remote control to control the sweeping robot to clean your house.
  •     4 different modes for daily cleaning needs: automatic cleaning points cleaning, manual cleaning tracking, cleaning
  •     0.5L trash can + V-shaped filter: OKP sweeping robot is equipped with 0.5L trash can + V-shaped filter, which can not only do the cleaning work efficiently, but also free your hands. (The solid wood sweeper robot is equipped with a 0.5L trash can and a high-efficiency filter to keep your home clean and your hands free.)

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