Pyramid Portable Hotspot WiFi VPN Router for All Devices
Pyramid Portable Hotspot WiFi VPN Router for All Devices

Pyramid WLAN VPN Router for All Devices, Portable WLAN Hotspot on the go or at home, HD Speed, 100+ Pre-installed Zones, Range Extenders, Mini Routers

 simple and flexible

To use Pyramid, you only need an internet connection and about 3 minutes. Thanks to the flawless brewing process, you can go from opening the can to packing it faster than making coffee. If you need any help, our pyramid experts will be happy to help.

It just works

Pyramid is the world's most compatible VPN - it works with all internet providers (including Comcast, Xfinity, AT&T, Spectrum, etc.) and almost any device. You can change the location in seconds, just connect to Pyramid's WiFi and any of your devices can be run through the VPN without software or hassle.

You won't lose sleep thanks to the compatibility as Pyramid works with all devices, including those that don't usually use a VPN, such as media streamers, TVs, game consoles, and set-top boxes. And you can also set up day and night games that support all streaming and IPTV services including Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, etc. This problem has been resolved.

Huge Next Generation VPN

A small box with a very large network behind it - Pyramid is one of the largest VPNs in the world with 6000+ servers, 100+ regions and no protocols at all. It also supports next generation OpenVPN and Wireguard which can be used anywhere in the world.

Go home or go

With the goal of providing comprehensive coverage at home, Pyramid is also a good travel companion - with its compact size and ability to open content outside and keep you safe on public WiFi - that goes along with your Kindle when you travel. - Shaving - tools that can be obtained on the go.

[Three-in-One Wireless Miracle]

The pyramid design is sturdy enough for home use yet small enough to take anywhere. It's the perfect companion for vacations, business trips, recreational vehicles, road trips or dormitories. Pyramid packs a world-class travel router, a virtual private network (VPN) and a range extender in a pocket box.

【Big Screen Setup】

Do you think your device does not support VPN? Think Again Pyramid is an IPTV and TV device optimized to support hundreds of devices that normally don't work on a VPN, including Magbox, Apple TV, XBOX, PS4, Smart TV, FireStick, Roku, and more. Sorry, VPN app lovers, Pyramid has won the compatibility war, and is nowhere near that point anymore.

[Private WiFi]

Turn public WiFi networks into private WiFi networks. The pyramid hides your actual location (IP address). Thus, websites, hackers, and ads cannot follow you. Use the encrypted 256-bit AES network for convenient private browsing, no registration required and a powerful kill switch for all your devices.

【Digital Rights Protection】

Pyramid is an award-winning Scottish startup with a mission to bring digital rights to everyone. We help build an internet that truly respects your privacy, without bot tracking or unnecessary restrictions. This is a small WiFi box with big projects.

 The next generation of VPN

Our biggest update. Pyramid now owns hundreds of next generation Wireguard servers and thousands of OpenVPN servers. Pyramid can now provide strong encryption at breakneck speeds and up to 15 connected devices. Take advantage of no-logs encryption and seamless streaming, VPN speed is comparable to a high-end WiFi router, packet size and costs are just a small part of it.

Pyramid Portable Hotspot WiFi VPN Router for All Devices
Pyramid Portable Hotspot WiFi VPN Router for All Devices

  •      [Super easy setup] Just pair it with any public or private internet. Use our easy-to-use app to change browser location, enable encryption for truly private browsing and unlock content with one click

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