Uber allows audio recording during trips for safety
Uber allows audio recording during trips for safety

Uber said in a press release that it will roll out its check-in facility in three US cities later this month.

At the beginning of the trip, passengers and drivers can activate this function by clicking on the shield icon in the application security group and selecting “Record audio”.

Although passengers and drivers can save personal tracks, the driver can maintain this functionality while still on the road.

When the driver uses this function, the app warns the passenger. Uber introduced its first check-in service in Latin America in 2019.

This step is the first in-app functionality that provides travel audio documents. When permitted by local law, Uber allows drivers to use onboard cameras to record their rides themselves.

As for the confidentiality of the audio files, the files are encrypted and stored on the devices of passengers and drivers. But no one can hear the voice, not even businessmen.

If the passenger or driver decides to submit a safety report, they can attach an audio file. A well-trained Uber security guard decrypts and displays the recording.

According to the press release, Uber will soon issue a seat belt warning in addition to the registration.

The seat belt warning comes from the driver's mobile phone and passengers receive a notification reminding them to fasten their seat belt. Uber said the feature will roll out in the US in early 2022.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the seat belt usage rate was 90.3% in 2020.

Uber has also improved RideCheck

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reported that of the 22,415 passenger car occupants killed in 2019, 47% were unconfined.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that there will be no major changes to seat belt use from 2019 to 2020.

Uber has also announced improvements to the RideCheck feature, first introduced in 2019, to detect crashes and unusually long layovers.

RideCheck can now recognize when a company driver is taking an unexpected route. Or if the trip ends abruptly before the final destination. When something is found, passengers and drivers are notified to make sure everything is safe.

Uber released its first safety report in 2019, with data spanning 2017-2018, and it was released after an increase in passenger complaints about safety practices. These safety precautions also include drivers who complain to the company about the behavior of passengers.

Uber has introduced new safety features to manage riders and drivers who encounter unsafe conditions while driving. In March of this year, Uber and rival Lyft announced that they were sharing information about drivers who had seriously violated regulations.

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