QSAEHLS 3 Inch LCD Screen 1080P FHD DVR Camera for Car
QSAEHLS 3 Inch LCD Screen 1080P FHD DVR Camera for Car

QSAEHLS Car Dash Cam Car Front Camera 3 Inch LCD Screen 1080P FHD DVR Camera 170 Degree Wide Angle Gravity Sensor WDR Loop Recording Motion Detection

3 inch 1080p HD IPS Screen

The dashcam provides smooth and high quality videos. You can see what is happening visually and view images over time anytime and anywhere.

170 degree ultra wide angle

The 170-degree field of view allows for full road coverage for a greater view of the area and reduced blind spots. Record every moment of the flight. It will increase your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

Emergency lock with gravity detection

The car dashcam has a G-sensor function that automatically detects sudden shocks or vibrations and then automatically turns it off to prevent the video from being overwritten.

night vision

With WDR function, the dashcam can record clearer videos and photos even in backlight or poor lighting conditions. No need to worry about exposure and underexposure

seamless loop recording

Smooth loop recording creates a video and automatically overwrites the oldest unlocked video to save the current file. Locked videos will not be overwritten. You don't have to worry about the SD card getting full to stop recording.

Easy to install

The car front camera does not block your view and provides a safer option while driving. Easy to install and use.

QSAEHLS 3 Inch LCD Screen 1080P FHD DVR Camera for Car
QSAEHLS 3 Inch LCD Screen 1080P FHD DVR Camera for Car

  •     3-inch dashboard LCD screen with 1080P HD and 12MP, 3-inch LCD screen for clearer videos and photos. Equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle lens, the dashboard video camera records high-quality videos and reduces blind spots. Capture more details and enjoy a better viewing experience.
  •     G-Sensor Emergency Lock The car dashboard camera with motion detection can detect sudden collision and lock the lens automatically, even in the recording or waiting mode, the actual video source will not be deleted.
  •     【Smooth Loop Recording】When the memory card is full, the car front camera will automatically overwrite the first unlocked video. Locked files are not removed from loop recordings, protecting important video evidence in the event of a failure.
  •     🚘 【Parking Mode & WDR Technology When a sudden shock or impact is detected while parking, the car dashboard camera will automatically record a short video to keep your car safe 24/7. Large dynamic range and HDR ensure image clarity even in poor lighting conditions
  •     Easy to install and use, the included suction cup can be attached to any position on the windshield in seconds. Then connect it to the power source. We also offer a 12-month warranty and our skilled customer service team is available 24/7. Please feel free to contact us for instructions.

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