RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller
RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

RainMachine Touch HD-12, Cloud Standalone Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, Alexa Compatible, 12 Zones

WiFi forecast sprinklers. Saves water.

The RainMachine Irrigation Controller automatically adjusts the amount of watering by reducing the amount on rainy or cold days and increasing the amount in hot summer. This system not only saves water, but also protects your plants. The versatility of each program is unparalleled: choose odd days of the week, even/odd day patterns, loops and sucks, or station delays. Run programs at the same time, sequentially or even in parallel! The RainMachine WIFI sprinkler timer is designed to handle potential conflicts such as simultaneous commands of the same valve or overlapping schedules.

United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Country prepared for the weather.

The RainMachine sprinkler controller is connected via WIFI and receives the best weather data in the world. NOAA uses highly skilled satellites, radars, weather stations, and meteorologists to provide the most accurate weather forecasts on the planet. Complex math models that run in large data centers are free to use in your garden. Yes, it's free and it's already paid for with your taxes. Using your exact location on the road, the RainMachine Sprinkler Timer downloads accurate weather data for a specific local climate. Let it rain!

Are there appointments? No problem. Go to stats.

If forecast data is not available, RainMachine automatically converts to historical weather statistics. This way, RainMachine can save water even when the internet is out.

Garden on every screen. Simply call. Easy to control.

Garden on iPhone, garden on Android, garden on any screen. The app automatically detects all RainMachines in the local network and makes them available via an easy-to-use and secure interface.

IOS and Android Apps: Real-time Monitoring

The dashboard shows you everything you need to know about the park and the weather!

Get the details? Flip your phone to landscape mode and see the weekly/monthly/yearly panorama maps!

Find the free Rainmachine app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store and start controlling your RainMachine.

Connect from anywhere

Garden from any screen or web browser. Computers and laptops equipped with every modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE).

RainMachine is accessible from anywhere in the world. Enjoy RainMachine at home, at work or on vacation!

local interface

The unique touch screen interface of the device itself provides the ultimate in control experience.

Zones or programs can be started or stopped via a simple splash-protected capacitive touch screen surface.

Dark garage: no problem! Our white LED touch switch can help!

Perfect simplicity: RainMachine displays a message only when not in use: a bright Wi-Fi icon visible from 6 meters away.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller
RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

  •  SMART SCHEDULE AND WATER SAVING - Save water by adjusting the weather in real time. (EPA WaterSense certification, see discount).
  • Cloud independence: All personal data is stored locally. RainMachine can continue to work even if WiFi is interrupted. Prediction spatial accuracy: up to 1.5 km
  • FREE ACCESS TO WEATHER DATA - Direct access to NOAA, METNO, or Wunderground, OpenWeatherMap and NetAtmo. Use national or personal weather stations to get an accurate location.
  • Control from any color touch screen, access to iPhone, Android, PC browser and dashboard statistics. Work from home, from work or on vacation.
  • Model update (2019) - WIFI improved. Hundreds of layouts and UI improvements. Integrate Alexa, Google Home, Nest, WINK, and SmartThings via IFTTT.

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