SAMSUNG LC32G35TFQNXZA Odyssey G35T Gaming Monitor
SAMSUNG LC32G35TFQNXZA Odyssey G35T Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey G35T 32" Gaming Monitor, 1500R Curved Monitor, 165Hz, 5ms, AMD FreeSync Premium, Ultra Wide, Frameless, Eye Saver Mode, Black

The Samsung Odyssey G35T Series offers a range of Odyssey screen technologies for traditional screen sizes in a more economical way. Gamers looking for an entry-level Odyssey experience can choose between a Full HD flat screen or a curved screen with a response time of 1ms to 5ms and a refresh rate of 144Hz to 165Hz. With the G35T gaming monitor, you don't have to choose between space and performance. Players can enjoy its futuristic design in a very wide game vision. AMD FreeSync™ Premium can greatly reduce screen tearing or tearing. The bezel-less 3-sided screen design is great for dual monitor setups to play bigger and bolder games. Eye Saver Mode and flicker-free technology protect your eyes from tiredness and fatigue, so you can play longer with less distractions or eye strain.

  •  Panoramic immersion: The Odyssey G35T 1500R curved monitor features a futuristic design and an ultra-wide gaming screen that surrounds your field of view, directing you directly into the character's skin and providing a more engaging gameplay.
  • Enhanced gaming performance: 5ms response time and 165Hz refresh rate eliminate latency and motion blur and ensure an exciting gaming experience with ultra-smooth movements
  • AMD FREESYNC PREMIUM: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable gaming experience with AMD FreeSync Premium that reduces screen cracks, stutters, and input lags
  • Full screen design: 3-sided borderless screen, the largest playing area is bigger and bolder; Under the dual screen, the two screens are precisely aligned so that no enemy will cross the room
  • Dark penetration: 3000:1 super contrast allows you to see dangerous objects or enemies more clearly; Black is deeper, white is lighter, and there are more shades in between
  • New eyes gain more: Eye Saver mode can reduce blue light so you can keep your eyes relaxed and comfortable during long games; Flicker-free technology permanently eliminates screen flicker to reduce distraction or eye strain

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