TIMEMORE Capacity 60g Electric Coffee Grinder
TIMEMORE Capacity 60g Electric Coffee Grinder

TIMEMORE Go 60g Electric Grinder, with E & B Stainless Steel Conical Grinder, Adjustable Internal Settings, Dual Bearing Mode, Portable Coffee Grinder for Home

 TIMEMORE Grinder Go Electric Coffee Grinder

The appearance is simple and atmospheric, and the body is small and portable. In the wireless working mode, you can enjoy the convenience anytime and anywhere. We guarantee that you will drink fresh and delicious coffee every day!

Large capacity lithium battery

Large capacity lithium battery | Long battery life. The breaker is equipped with two 800 mAh lithium batteries. Once fully charged, it can grind 30 times (15 grams of coffee beans each). Type C charging, a full charge only takes 2-3 hours.

High quality powerful motor system

High quality powerful motor system | An iconic choice of a powerful drive system of the highest quality on the market. Sanding is smoother and faster. Hard and slightly roasted beans can also be ground without any problems. It can easily grind 15 grams of coffee beans in 30 seconds.

Double axle bearing

Double axle fixed bearing | High precision focusing structure, double fixed central axis. Standard grinding of powders to meet the needs of coffee extraction. The grinding quality is the same as with Slim Plus.

innovative fashion | Enter the coffee beans directly

Complex accessories do not need to be disassembled much. The abrasive particles are more professional, and the operation is more convenient. Large diameter design. Up to 60g of coffee beans can be added at the same time.

Occupational stability | Open a new life with coffee

Grinds quickly and produces a uniform powder. With one click of your finger, you can easily enjoy the working life of coffee. Meets the requirements of mocha coffee powder grinding, hand punch and french press.

visual design | It can be used as powder silo or storage tank

The optical design of the powder case makes the grinding power of the coffee powder clear at a glance. At the same time, it is suitable for mill cover and can be used as a closed tank.

TIMEMORE Capacity 60g Electric Coffee Grinder
TIMEMORE Capacity 60g Electric Coffee Grinder

  •  Cordless Electric Coffee Grinder | Built-in 2800mAh lithium battery, charged via USB, a full charge takes only 2-3 hours and can grind up to 15g of coffee beans each time, which can be used 30 times. Save more time and energy compared to a manual coffee grinder. And unlike traditional electric document shredders, no socket is required, which saves space on the desk.
  • stainless steel abrasive core | The Grinder Go uses the E&B (Espresso And Brewing) universal grinding core independently developed by TIMEMORE. Professional CNC stainless steel, evenly ground, durable. I prefer to keep the original taste of the coffee beans so that you can enjoy more of the original hand-grown coffee.
  • Fish type setpoint | There is an adjustable knob at the bottom of the grain silo and the adjustable gear can be rotated from 0 to 10 points to precisely control the strength of the granules. Easily meet the brewing needs of mocha pots, handmade pots, french press pots, cold beer, electric drip irrigation machines, picks, etc.
  • One-touch start / One-touch stop | With one click of your finger, you can easily enjoy the working life of coffee. TIMEMORE Go Electric coffee grinder uses a double bearing construction to grind the coffee beans better and more evenly. When it stops, it will automatically click into place and continue grinding. But it certainly stops when it is constantly suspended or crushed without pills.
  • Easy to transport and clean | Cordless working mode and compact carry case ensure convenience anytime and anywhere. Closed glass powder canister, no powder leakage, no dirty work surface. Cleaning is very easy: unscrew the washer, remove the inner rim and spring, and remove the remaining powder with the included brush.

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