TRIFO LUCY-P Robot Vacuum with 1080P Cameras
TRIFO LUCY-P Robot Vacuum with 1080P Cameras

Trivo Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1080P Camera 4000Pa Night Vision Robot Vacuum Cleaner AI Intelligent Object Recognition WiFi Compatible with Alexa Suitable for Animal Hair, Carpet and Hard Floors (Animal Version)

4000PA strong suction power

Lucy has the highest suction power on the market. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and pet hair.

Lithium battery 5200 mAh

Powered by a 5200mAh lithium battery, this robotic vacuum cleaner has an area of ​​2,700 square meters and a lifespan of 120 minutes.

Self loading

When the battery power is low, the sweeping robot automatically returns to charging thanks to intelligent induction.

Lucy's smart home product, which combines a sweeping robot with a microscopic camera, won the Editor's Choice Award at CES 2020. The sweeping robot is equipped with a 1080p color camera and sensor. Active night vision depth can clean the floor when sitting and relaxing. At the same time, the vacuum robot also has day and night surveillance cameras that can monitor your home using the Trifo Home app.

TRIFO LUCY-P Robot Vacuum with 1080P Cameras
TRIFO LUCY-P Robot Vacuum with 1080P Cameras

  •      [4000Pa suction power and 600ml collection container] The most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market. Equipped with a large 600ml trash can and a washable main filter, the family can handle any dirt at any time, and you can also regulate the suction power via the app. Get rid of dirt efficiently, wipe up stains, and clean medium-sized floors and carpets well.
  •     [Night Vision]: The TRIFO robotic vacuum cleaner is the first robotic vacuum cleaner with night vision function and is in the leading position. The camera also has 1080P HDR color and a TOF sensor, which makes the robot easy to set up and clean. Day or night, TRIFO sweeping robots can detect obstacles in the dark and watch out for potential threats to ensure protection.
  •     [Two Way Audio]: Turn on Lucy's video function, you can monitor the status of your pet, check that the doors and windows are open, and act as one of the home security cameras. Take photos and use the microphone to talk through the robot vacuum for added safety and control.
  •     [AI Intelligent Object Recognition]: AIVI technology accurately recognizes and avoids unknown objects or obstacles. The field of view of shoes, wires, toys and other things can be up to an inch, best in every category. Other robotic vacuum cleaners cannot detect obstructions less than 10cm in size.
  •     【Map Management: Register multiple maps, split multiple zones, and name custom rooms. You can easily view detailed indoor maps automatically generated by the TRIFO Home app. Schedule cleaning time and set restricted areas to customize your personal cleaning schedule.
  •     [Very suitable for families with pets]: Lucy's "Pet Edition" has a special connection to brushing animal hair. Using a pet hair extractor instead of a rotating brush increases the suction power by 33%, which means that pet hair can be picked up more efficiently.
  •     [Advanced Function]: Powered by a 5200mAh lithium battery, Lucy can clean 2,700 square feet and last up to 120 minutes. When you install a mop, the robot vacuum will clean the floor and keep your house well. Note: If wiping is not required, the water tank must be removed.

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