Uvistare Bluetooth Remote Cooking BBQ Meat Thermometer
Uvistare Bluetooth Remote Cooking BBQ Meat Thermometer

Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer Bluetooth Remote Cooking Thermometer Digital Oven Thermometer 6 Sensor Connection Barbecue Smokers (Carrying Case Included)

Supports 6 channels

You can monitor 6 different foods at the same time and quickly monitor the room temperature while cooking.

Fitted packaging design

Equipped with ABS cover, say goodbye to messy coils (Please don't put the probe into the oven together.)

Large LCD screen

It is very convenient to read the current data, and it also has a super bright backlight so you can grill as usual even at night.

  •  WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: The advanced Bluetooth thermometer can provide a robust and reliable connection up to 164 feet away. Even when you're not near a wireless digital thermometer, you can read the status of food or meat in real time and receive an overheating warning on your phone. Cooking pits are no longer limited to physical presence next to them!
  • ❤ Enhanced Stainless Steel Sensor: Two highly heat-resistant, flame-retardant grilles and a smoke thermometer, compared to the silicone handle sensor, the temperature measurement is faster and more accurate (temperature resistance up to 716°C). The clip is a bonus to the room temperature reading.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us via email: The sensor is manufactured to exacting standards and should operate indefinitely if used as intended. However, we know that accidents can happen. So in case of any problem with the device or sensors, please contact us immediately. (Contact: chugod Pro APP-plus comments and support)
  • ❤ 6 Technical Channels: Support up to 6 sensors (note: 2 grill temperature sensors are standard), you can monitor 6 different cooking processes at the same time and quickly monitor the exact temperature during cooking. It is a great partner for any barbecue party.
  • ❤ SMART APP CONTROL: The digital cooking thermometer provides preset temperatures for 11 types of meat and their different degrees of maturity, which are recommended by the USDA. All preset temperatures can be adjusted according to your needs. When the timer or timer expires, it beeps and flashes with the backlight. Don't worry about overcooking or undercooking.

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