VIOFO T130 2k WIFI GPS Uber 3 Channel Dash Cam
VIOFO T130 2k WIFI GPS Uber 3 Channel Dash Cam

VIOFO T130 Uber 3ch dash cam, Built-in WIFI GPS, 2k 3ch car camera, IR night vision, 1440P front and rear 1080P, super condenser, G-sensor, 24 hour parking mode, 256GB support

 2K Front + Interior FHD + Rear FHD

The T130's three-channel dashboard camera monitors the front, interior and rear of the vehicle simultaneously, using advanced Sony and Omnivision sensors to provide the most comprehensive recording with superior visibility.

Track your speed, location and time using GPS

The dashboard camera of the built-in T130 3CH GPS module can accurately record vehicle location data including speed, location and stamp travel time in KM/H or MP/H, so that you can track the GPS data on your computer.

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Wide rear (140°), interior (165°) and 165° rear cameras cover the entire street and monitor the entire cabin. The T130's three-channel dashboard camera captures significantly more details, including license plates and road signs.

Rotation of the camera from left to right

The on-board camera, which can be rotated 90 degrees, can be flexibly adjusted to the left and right, so that the driver can record the conversation with the police in the side window. In addition, the front camera and suction cup can be rotated at will.

sweet voice message

English voice prompts are used to confirm changes made to dashcam settings VIOFO T130 and to report unusual events such as SD card errors.

Integrated wireless network

Dahcam T130 3-channel camera with built-in WLAN. You can watch live video on IOS or Android device through VIOFO APP. In addition, you can view, download and share your recordings with your friends and family with just a few clicks.

VIOFO T130 2k WIFI GPS Uber 3 Channel Dash Cam
VIOFO T130 2k WIFI GPS Uber 3 Channel Dash Cam

  •     3-Channel Drive Recorder The 3-Channel Uber Drive Recorder T130 provides 140° front camera, 165° interior camera, and 165° rear camera that records 1440p + 1080p + 1080p videos at 30fps and protects you. The small and compact design will not be noticed. All angles of the lens can be adjusted easily. Dash Cam is the perfect partner for homebuyers and Uber/Lyft/carpooling/taxi drivers.
  •     【Excellent infrared night vision】 With 4 infrared LEDs and WDR technology, your driving vision can be completely restored indoors and outdoors in poor lighting conditions at night.
  •     【Audio Notifications Voice notifications in English remind users of changes in settings, for example
  •     【Built-in Wi-Fi】 Connect the VIOFO APP on IOS and Android devices via Wi-Fi, manage dashboard camera settings and instantly see live views from front and rear cameras. You can also play, download and share recorded video files.
  •     【GPS Tracking】Record current speed and accurate GPS location and you can include timestamps in videos. The real-time speed is displayed on the car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.264.
  •     【3 Parking Solutions】 The T130 Quad HD Dashcam offers three parking modes. Automatic event detection automatically starts logging the detected events. Time-lapse continuously records low-frame video. Low bit rates allow recordings to be saved in small files, freeing up space on the SD card. Standby mode is suitable for simultaneous recording of front and rear cameras. (VIOFO HK4 Acc cable is set for T130: B09MRVP2PX)
  •     Cycle Recording & Emergency Lock】 If the memory card reaches the memory limit, the car camera automatically overwrites the oldest video file with the latest video file. The built-in G-sensor automatically shuts down the video when the camera detects vibration or collision and prevents important videos from being overwritten during repeat recording.

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