VSVABEFV 4G LTE Mobile Router with SIM Card Slot
VSVABEFV 4G LTE Mobile Router with SIM Card Slot

VSVABEFV 4G LTE Portable Router With Unlocked SIM Card Slot Support B2 / B4 / B5 / B12 / B17 WiFi Hotspot Device Travel AT&T / T-Mobile Network Frequency Band

1.45 inch color screen

The color screen shows the signal strength, WiFi SSID, password, power bar and login status of the user at a glance

2400mAh high-performance lithium battery

The high-performance 2400mAh lithium battery effectively reduces power consumption, reduces battery consumption, and improves the service life of the device. It can support 4-6 hours of broadband Internet access.

  •  [What is VVSVABEFV R816US is a 4G WiFi Travel Router with Display Screen, TF Card Slot, 2400mAh Lithium Battery and HSPA/LTE Internet Access SIM Card. Battery operated, indoor or outdoor, little space, put it in your pocket, enjoy WiFi anytime and anywhere.
  • [Working and Range Mode] This 4G LTE router supports 4G to WiFi and supports 4G FDD B2/B4/B5/B12/B17. WCDMA: B1 (2100MHz). The network frequency mainly applies to the United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Honduras.
  • [Easy Connection] It is easy to connect to the travel partner's WiFi hotspot and is convenient to share clients with up to 10 users within a radius of 50 meters. Simply insert a SIM card to use the 4G LTE Cellular Router and enjoy WiFi with your friends.
  • Instructions for using the product] Insert the SIM card, then insert the battery (remove the insulating cover). Even if your SIM card is compatible with the product, you do not need to plug it in and turn it on. You may need to disable the SIM PIN and change the APN. Enter the router's IP address: Click Network-APN-Yes. AFN change. Make sure the SIM card is activated. Roaming, Virtual SIM, and IoT SIM are not supported.
  • [CUSTOMER SERVICE] Return your undamaged VVSABEFV within 30 days of purchase for a full refund for any reason. 12 months warranty for quality problems 12 months from the date of delivery. "Purchase, we are responsible for any quality issues related to a replacement or full refund."

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