XIAOBAWAN Wooden Hand Coffee Mill Grinder
XIAOBAWAN Wooden Hand Coffee Mill Grinder

XIAOBAWAN Manual Wooden Coffee Grinder 2500G 4100W Beans, Spices, Coffee Bean Grinder, Dry Bean Grinder, Family Medical Flour Mill (Color: 0, Voltage (V): 110V)

The new pendulum rapid sprayer is driven by a high-speed single-phase motor that can spray various soft and hard materials quickly. The general medicine can be sprayed onto 50-350 mesh in half a minute and grinding on 350 mesh only takes one minute. Modern medicine is an indispensable tool of real pharmacy, instead of traditional medicine and mortar, working efficiency is 50 times higher than manual medicine, which will benefit users and praise! Applicable to clinics, hospital pharmacies, traditional Chinese medicine shops, Chinese medicine processing and grinding, health product sales counters, research institutes, laboratory analysis, household food (rice, beans, red dates, sesame seeds, etc.), spices (chili , pepper), suitable ginseng, pearl and other treatments that can withstand also suitable for chemical and food industries!
Long life, let the fresh coffee beans travel, whether it is camping, hiking, picnicking or outdoors, you will be very happy.

  •  The new variable speed sprayer uses a high-speed single-phase motor as the motor that can quickly spray a variety of soft and hard materials.
  • Usually the medicine can be grinded into 50-350 mesh in half a minute and 350 mesh in one minute.
  • It takes only two minutes to grind pearls, whether it is ordinary or not.
  • Real modern medicine (pharmacy)
  • The coffee grinder is simple and practical to use.

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