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an effort

Stainless steel and walnut wood handle extend feel, comfort and save energy when sanding the grain.

Easy to carry

The extra-large funnel can hold more of your favorite coffee, and is designed so that it's easy to hold in hand or put on the table.

Easy to clean

Detachable, just wash with water, all parts of the body can be washed, not easy to rust.

YBDEnevy JR-CO-15 Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings
YBDEnevy JR-CO-15 Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings

  •  Make the most of your coffee time - The Vucchini manual coffee grinder has 15 precise settings so you can adjust the exact grind to your preferred brewing style. They grind better and make less noise than electric coffee grinders. Use the YBDenevy coffee grinder to relax and enjoy your coffee time.
  • Easy to Grind - The gear is milled smoothly, which makes it easy to use for a long time. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Enjoy the fun process of slicing grains. Help enjoy your favorite coffees like AeroPress, Pour Over, Chemex, Cold Brew and French Press.
  • LOADING AND STORAGE - Easy loading hopper holds 60g of fresh coffee beans, eliminating the need for nuts and bolts to load the manual grinder. Remove the handle, open the cover and just load it. Grind coffee beans and store freshly ground coffee with an extra lid. The perfect size for travel, camping or hiking.
  • Ceramic Bean Grinder - The funnel perfectly directs the coffee beans into the 40mm grinder for continuous grinding. The ceramic grinder will never rust, weaken or heat up during the grinding process and will spoil the original taste of the coffee. Easy to clean and maintain, just loosen the screw on the bottom of the grinder and rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • 100% GUARANTEE - If for any reason you don't like our manual coffee grinder, please contact us and we will provide you with the best solution. We wholeheartedly stand behind all of our products.

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