Signal accepts donations from users through the app
Signal accepts donations from users through the app

Signal, a privacy-focused instant messaging app, rose to fame after a controversial change to WhatsApp's privacy policy and added a new monetization feature to its app.

Unlike competing instant messaging services, Signal is powered entirely by donations. This new feature allows users to easily make financial donations and support and maintain the donation model.

We don't have data for a sale, we don't have advertisers selling such data, and we don't have shareholders to profit from such a sale," the company said in a new blog post.

"The traditional business model for technology is to build products for your data, not for you," she added. However, the design of the charitable sign means that the only way to realize value is to try the application. As the sole beneficiaries of Signal, it is up to the people who use the app to maintain it.

Users can become a support tool for the application by contributing a small amount or intermittently each month.

Users can choose between three levels of validity: $5, $10, and $20.

The app says that your subscription will not renew unless you use the app for the whole month. If you uninstall the app or stop using the app for any reason, your subscription will be automatically canceled after the next cycle of unsubscribe dark mode.

Users can donate using Apple Pay and Google Pay as the company plans to add more payment methods in the future.

When you donate, a badge that you can display on your profile will be activated. Badges help raise awareness of how the app works and is sustainable and how people can get involved.

The company also noted that the entire payment process is designed to protect privacy in the long run. He added that it will not associate your billing information with your account through the app.

“With our anonymous voucher system for private Signal groups, customers make payments and then associate the badge with their profile so that the server can authenticate customers in the payment crowd. However, it is not clear which payment process corresponds to,” the company said on its blog. Client.

The donation functionality will be launched with the latest app updates on Android and iOS.

Signal does not rely on investors or advertising revenue

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