Sold as NFT via Wikipedia First Edition
Sold as NFT via Wikipedia First Edition

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has sold his first copy of the free encyclopedia as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The first news item published by the co-founders of the Free Encyclopedia represents a unique moment in the history of the Internet, and since then the encyclopedia has grown to become the largest free information library on the Internet.

The encyclopedia has been published in more than 300 languages, edited by thousands of volunteers, and read by millions of people seeking knowledge.

The Christie's auction will be held from December 3-15. The NFT is sold with the iMac Strawberry that Wells used when publishing Wikipedia.

The money will be used for charities and WikiTribune Social, a donation-funded social network Wells launched in 2019.

NFT Wales wanted to sell Cannes a key to an earlier version of Wikipedia, which debuted on January 15, 2001.

Wells said what you see is what Wikipedia looks like when I initialized the program. Only one page is published on the Internet.

Like Wikipedia itself, anyone can view and edit it. But after five minutes, all changes will be undone and rolled back to their original state with an editor saying "Hello World".

NFT encrypts the smart contract so that the buyer can control the site. The buyer can change the window to cancel the change. If he wants, he can close the editor or close the page. He can also take a laissez-faire approach and let Wales manage the pages on his behalf.

The project is conceptually similar to the early sales of Tim Berners-Lee, who wrote the source code for the first web browser and donated the proceeds from his sales to charity.

Wales could have sold control of the site without using blockchain technology. But he said the idea of ​​publicly verifiable registered ownership compelled him to do so.

Wikipedia is available in over 300 languages

WikiTribune Social is a paid social networking experience that can replace Facebook and Twitter. But it's not like a platform that uses expensive crypto tokens to restrict access.

You can sign up for free while also encouraging members to pay for subscriptions, similar to Wikipedia's sponsorship model, which is a strategy for eliminating inappropriate incentives that can be created by online advertising support services.

Wales has a generally conflicting relationship with blockchain technology. Although the Wikimedia Foundation accepts donations of Bitcoin, he said that the money raised through it is not significant.

Many of the uses of the technology proposed in the encyclopedia are believed to be misleading, such as the ability to use cryptocurrencies to pay publishers better publishing fees.

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