Tech companies are withdrawing from CES 2022
Tech companies are withdrawing from CES 2022

With coronavirus cases on the rise in the United States, CES, the world's largest technology trade fair, appears to be in jeopardy. Although CES organizers announced that the show will begin on January 5th, Lenovo announced that it will cease all activities in Las Vegas after T-Mobile, Amazon, Meta, and other companies announced that they would also halt live events. .

T-Mobile is the most prominent exhibitor to have dropped out of the show. CEO Mike Seifert was one of the guest speakers at CES. He publicly announced that he would no longer give an opening speech and severely restricted personal involvement with the company.

Amazon decided not to attend the show entirely in person, and AT&T also pulled out. Intel seems to be rethinking its existence.

Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, and iHeartRadio also announced this week that they will not attend this annual Las Vegas fair in light of the new wave of coronavirus cases in the United States.

Major tech publications such as The Verge, CNET, Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, TechRadar, and Tom's Guide will also not participate.

T-Mobile said: T-Mobile will continue to serve as the CES sponsor and the main sponsor of the DRL Championship. But the vast majority of our team won't go to Las Vegas. In addition, the company's CEO will not be giving personal or virtual opening speeches.

Lenovo is usually mid-range at CES and usually makes a lot of announcements, although most of the work is usually in private meeting rooms rather than public booths in the exhibition space.

The world's largest technology fair, CES, is under threat

In contrast, AT&T's participation in this year's show seems to be very low. While the company's AT&T division is listed as a featured model, it shouldn't include any keywords.

It also appears that AT&T Business has a very small booth in the Department of Health in the North Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and there isn't usually an AT&T booth.

Samsung and General Motors, which have made buzzwords like T-Mobile, and companies that typically rent large swaths of showroom space like LG, Panasonic and Sony could have a huge impact if CES 2022 is abandoned.

Intel usually also rents out a lot of significant space. But its huge booth this year appears to have been replaced by smaller companies like Canon and Razer.

Bloomberg reports that AMD and Samsung are still planning a limited presence. NVIDIA has only one word by default.

OnePlus, Qualcomm, and HTC still plan to participate. Sony, Samsung, and Google are listed as monitoring local conditions.

The Consumer Technology Association, which is responsible for CES, said it continues to plan to host an in-person exhibition. "At this point, we're really focused on creating this show," said a Consumer Technology Association executive. Work with confidence and develop appropriate protocols to ensure people are happy.

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