Tesla Cybertruck has a windshield problem
Tesla Cybertruck has a windshield problem

New video of a Tesla Cybertruck prototype being tested on a racetrack in Fremont, California. He asked Elon Musk to talk about the car's large windshield wipers.

One of the electric vans' highlights is the massive flat-panel Cybertruck windshield, which blends perfectly with the hood when it was first shown in 2019.

But it seems Tesla's design team didn't think about keeping the windshield clean. This proves that there was no effective wiper in the original prototype.

As production approaches, the trucks show the compromises Tesla has to make to do justice to the Cybertruck's polarizing design. One of these reasons is the need for additional windshield wipers.

Elon Musk, in his own way, expressed his dissatisfaction with these concessions. "The mop bothers me the most," Musk wrote on Twitter in response to comments about the mop size. There is no easy solution. A windshield wiper might be a perfect idea, but it's complicated.

Cybertruck plans to start deliveries before 2022. It is said to use bulletproof glass, but during the show, the company's chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, hit it with a metal ball. The car window on the platform shattered, but the glass broke.

Tesla develops new electromagnetic windshield wipers

The company is also developing an electromagnetic windshield wiper with a new, futuristic design, which it plans to bring to market with Cybertruck.

This new type of space is designed to strike a better balance between hiding when not in use (which has become the new standard for luxury cars) and using it when needed.

The new design uses a single sheet attached to the windshield that moves along the electromagnetic system under the hood.

Musk also noted that the law requires mirrors to be included. But the car owner can modify the car. Does this mean that the outside mirrors on certain concept cars will be replaced with cameras or removed entirely?

Compared to the original model, the Cybertruck on Tesla's test track also features other notable improvements, including a more rounded front end, fewer corners, and a new row of large lights under the headlight bar.

Musk promised to provide an update to the company's product roadmap in January.

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